Sens trade for Donovan

gunfight at the o k corral movie The Ottawa Senators have traded left-winger Peter Schaefer to the Boston Bruins in exchange for right-winger Shean Donovan. 32 year old Donovan used to play for the Ottawa 67s during his days as a junior player in the CHL. 2007-08 will be his 13th year as a professional and the Sens will be his 7th club. In 12 NHL seasons with the San Jose Sharks, Colorado Avalanche, Atlanta Thrashers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary Flames and Bruins, he has played 774 regular-season games, accumulating 100 goals, 114 assists and 558 penalty minutes. Donovan also adds 11 points (5-6) during 43 post-season games, including the 24 games played during the Flames’ run against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2004 Stanley Cup finals. The 6-foot-2, 209-pound native of Timmins, Ont., was drafted by San Jose as its second pick, 28th overall, in 1993 and turned professional in the 1994-95 season, after completing his four-year junior career with the Ontario Hockey League’s 67’s. Donovan has also represented Canada in international competition, winning the gold medal at the 1995 world junior championship and again at the 1997 world men’s championship.

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Rainy Day Cochin

Holy H2O Batman! The rains aren’t letting up, pots holes are being made a dime a dozen on the streets and I don’t feel like getting up early. It can get so cold & wet that we have pigeons taking shelter on the bathroom ventilations, under the cars in my building car park & who knows where else. Today while taking a leak in my bathroom, I was startled to see & hear the flapping of the wings of a pigeon, who had settled on the ventilation. Needless to say he was shivering due to being cold & wet.

On my way back from work, most of the paths are filled with water nearly a foot deep! In areas where the drainage is not properly maintained (that could be the entire state) it is a horror to walk, unless you happen to wear thick boots that go all the way till your crotch! And even then you will have drenched socks &  heck even your underwear is soaked.

8 Random Facts about Me

This is one of those internet memes that I enjoy reading on other people’s websites. I guess I have to do all of them as well, so here goes:

  1. I was given or suggested the name ‘Roshan‘ by a Malayalee nurse, who befriended my mother, at the hospital in which I was born. My parents weren’t sure as to what name to give me and they were looking at names like ‘Sheffin‘ to match my sister’s name, which is ‘Sherine‘. I guess I should thank that nurse. I was almost a Sheffin, yuck!
  2. My earliest memory is, sadly only around the age of 4. I can’t remember anything earlier than that. I remember asking my mother, when we were living in Kuwait, how old I was! (to put an age to that memory years later ;))
  3. The only thing I have stolen – of all the lamest things in the world – was a comic book that featured all these superheroes in one issue battling a bunch of super villains! I didn’t exactly steal it; I borrowed it from a friend and told him that it got packed along with some of my stuff in one my suitcases and that I couldn’t get it out. It was a few days before we left Kuwait for good and moved to India.
  4. I have always been saddened at not being able to be a citizen of the country that I was born in & lived for the first 11 years of my life, just because I am not from an Arab family. Some weird Arab rule that I will never understand. I love Arabian culture and their warm hospitality & friendliness that is so common among the non-religious fanatics & terrorists!
  5. I am jealous of Indians who were born, raised & residing in countries like Canada, Australia, the US & the UK! There are so many wonderful things about India that I love. But the 4 biggest things in India – religion, Bollywood ( and Indian movies & music), cricket & politics – are also the 4 biggest things that I hate about Her! You can add hypocrisy to it as well.
  6. I’ve had 3 relationships with 3 different women (at different times). The first is what I would categorize as a school crush. The second is my biggest regret & mistake. The third is my fondest and will remain a secret as she was/is 13 years my senior. :)
  7. I am the world’s greatest air guitarist, specializing in multiple styles & genres. That is a fact.
  8. I am writing a sci-fi novel that I hope to finish by the end of the year. It’s a long time coming and it has taken 3 years for me to get through 20 chapters! Putting it in words is so difficult since my words cannot match my imagination. But I hope to have it completed and try and get it published!

Song for the day – “Ferris Wheel” – SABRINA TAYLOR