Be Glad

Working in the late evening or night shifts I come home around 2 am or later. I kind of like this shift since I get to be lazy and spend lots of awake time at home or outside and I also don’t have to wake up at an early hour as I am not a morning person. I can stay awake till all hours of the night, even up to the crack of dawn, but I just hate to get up before 8 am. Ok 7 am is still a bit better but I prefer not to. So this way I get up around 9 am or even 11 am if I happen to stay up late after reaching home, be on the internet while slowly having a couple of cups of coffee or if I feel adventurous, I might go out on the town.

Coming home at that late time of night or early morning, whichever way you wanna put it, you get to see the city & suburbs in a different light. Cochin actually looks pretty in most places if you care to look at it in that angle. The various street lights, hoarding lights & lights at gates etc give the place a different kind of glow. I usually like the drive home and I usually don’t mind if it takes an hour, as I sit at a window seat and gaze outside at the various sights and let my mind wander.

However, one can also see the negative aspects of the city. In this day and age, with huge medical and scientific advances, with all this technology & wealth, huge building complexes, not to mention all that land, building, resources & money spent on unnecessary and useless temples, churches & mosques, there are still homeless people. I see a man pulling his sheets around him, lying at the entrance of a musical instruments store, a family huddling in the doorway of a shopping complex and an old lady sleeping in a bus stop shed! What about the poor animals who have no shelter? The dogs & cats with no homes? No questions asked.

That’s what I like so much about the Star Trek world, as much fiction it is. We should all aim for that world. No hunger, no diseases, no homeless, no stray animals (meaning that they are looked after), no in-fighting amongst humans for land, ideology or nation, no fucking gods or stupid religions making a mockery of us and no paper money needed.

Song for the day – “Imagine” – JOHN LENNON