So How Are You?

I’m sitting at home today, having changed my mind about going out, party due to the fact that I am tired and that today is such a lazy day with the weather being cold & cloudy but no rain. And partly because I am running short of cash and want to save some just in case there is an emergency during the rest of the month. I don’t want to suddenly come up short of cash so I decided to stay home and take it easy, put my feet up and watch some clips on YouTube and listen to some music.

Nothing interesting seems to be happening today but that doesn’t mean that the last few days were short on happenings. Someone went ahead and had a hasty wedding registered and I am not sure if that was the wisest thing for her to do as there are lots of issues, but it is done and dusted now. I just hope that it turns out for the better. Things are dull at work; it’s ok for a few days but then it gets boring and later you become restless and hoping for something to happen. Another rumour about a friend of mine has been doing the rounds of the office lately. But this one seems to be more than just a rumour – I think it is true. A guy I am close with, but have known only from January, is actually married even though he told all of us here that he is a bachelor and that he wasn’t interested in getting hitched. He is now back in Bangalore and I don’t have a number to check this out with him but management has come to know about it. Oh boy!

I remember we both had a couple of conversations about marriage & family during April. He & I would sit in a corner over coffee and talk about his folks & mine and about living on your own terms and about the opposite sex. He had told me that he wasn’t interested in getting a wife, that he didn’t think he was the marrying kind and that he couldn’t stand being tied to just one woman. He talked about this girl who he was sleeping with but that could possibly be his wife. And the thing is he was going around with another girl here! And she thinks that this wife thing is just a rumour! I dunno what the hell is going on! Am I the only decent guy around? :P

download shredderman rules dvd Song for the day – “If You Believe” – OUR LADY PEACE

The Client – John Grisham

The Client is probably the best novel by authour John Grisham and one of my favourite books of all time. You may have seen the movie or read the book already, as it was so popular. It starts with two young brothers who sneak off to the woods to smoke cigarettes. They witness a man in a car attempting suicide by plugging a hose to the exhaust and leaving the other end in the car. Mark, the older brother tries to stop the suicide but gets caught by the man, lawyer Jerome Clifford, who pulls Mark into the car with him. He tells Mark, while babbling away drunk, the location of the body of a dead Senator, who was murdered by his client Barry Muldano. Jerome then kills himself a little later as Mark escapes. Mark’s younger brother, Ricky goes into shock and is taken to the hospital by Mark and his mother. Soon Mark is caught between the cops & the FBI on one side and Muldano’s Mafia goons on the other.

This proves too much for tough Mark to handle and he goes to a lawyer, Reggie Love, who specializes in helping young kids in trouble. She ensures Mark’s safety but is frustrated that the law states that Mark will have to give out the location of the dead body or be kept in a juvenile facility. Thinking that the law is not fair, Mark stages his escape and along with Reggie goes to New Orleans to find the body and to see if it actually is there. Mark & his family’s only option now is to agree to the witness protection program, which will keep him safe from the Mafia. He is sad when he realizes that this also means he will probably never see Reggie again.

This is an excellent book with a story, so wonderfully told, at times suspense, at times drama, at times funny & at times sad. One of the best.

Wooden Board & Coins

Carroms is the indoor game loved by millions and being played in several homes, especially during the rainy season as outdoor games & passtimes might prove tricky with the downpour. My office has given is three carrom boards (one for each floor) in order for us employees to kill time and as the first step to bring some recreational activities in an otherwise dull environment. They have proven to be a hit, since we have no other distraction, other than restricted internet access and that too only from the supervisory level onwards. Hence everyone is wanting to have a turn at the carrom board.

Ofcourse I went and played a couple of games, although my carrom skills are very, very rusty having not played in over 7 years or so. This brings back memories of my cousins & I playing this game over several rainy days or during the late evenings when there were nothing else interesting to do to kill time during out sumer holidays. Ah, those were the days. Then when I was 21, I met some of my cousins from Scotland for the first time and some of them liked playing carroms a lot! I remember particularly my cousin Sreeharshan aka Skibby, who is about 12 or 13 years younger than me, and who used to pester me every two hours by asking “You wanna play kaaarrrrroooooms?”

And I would always indulge him and play a few rounds. Once he even told me that we should have brough the carrom board with us….we were in a movie theatre along with some other relatives watching a Malayalam movie and he was bored!

Daddy needs a new pair of glasses

I need a new pair of glasses! My current pair, bought early in 2005, is now on its last legs and dying an ugly death. It has seen it’s share of movies, scenery, women, bars & webpages. It needs to rest and go to sleep now. It has a broken nose guard kinda thingy and the edge hurts my nose. And it is dirty oh so dirty. It also has a screw loose. It is time to retire it – I know it, you know it and even the spectacles know it! I would have and should have changed them ages ago but I am so lazy. Next month’s agenda – get a new pair of glasses!

I also need to buy new clothes man! The ones I have are good, no issue there, but I have so few of them. I think two shirts next month will do. Maybe even get a new pair of blue jeans. I never can seem to take care of my money properly. I have 9 days left in this month and I am running short on cash.

I seem to have forgotten about something that I was supposed to do today. I just can’t, for the life of me, remember what the fuck it was. But I know that I have forgotten to do something. Have you had that kind of feeling? You know that you meant to do something today but you just can’t remember it! What could it be? Oh well! Time to get ready for work.

Oh….was that it? Nah!

Song for the day – “Blue Bird” – ANTHONY GOMES


The blog post I entered earlier about my top 11 Brendan Fraser movies, made me go online and try to find some of his movies to stream. Cause truth be told, I haven’t seen him on cable or otherwise on any film that doesn’t co-star a Mummy, in a long time! And this is one guy who I like watching, since he is a loveable goof. So I was clicking along and found a stream of his 1994 movie Airheads. This movie co-stars two other comedian actors, Steve Buscemi & Adam Sandler, who play bass & drums respectively in the fictional band (for the movie) the Lone Rangers. Fraser is the lead singer & guitarist of the trio, who get turned down by every music producer. Finally they get their demo tape (which plays a huge part in the movie) into a local radio station, which helped promote a now famous band. They are turned down by the station manager, who calls their music ‘thrash’. The trio use water guns, which look convincingly like uzis and demand that their music be played on the air. The tape is played but the reel gets damaged, hence the trio must get the copy from Fraser’s character’s girlfriend.

Also, Michael Richards (‘Kramer’ from Seinfeld) plays an employee in the radio station who calls the cops upon finding out that the band has taken the station manager & dj hostage. The Dj helps the guys out and they sign a contract with a big producer. They are told that they can play at a big stage but find out that they were to lip sync, which they refuse to do and they go on to smash the equipment, much to the enjoyment of the crowd. The end credits state that the three go to prison for a short time and they release an album that goes platinum and success is finally theirs.

Holy Khali

The Great Khali is the new World Heavyweight Champion. An Indian from Jalandar, Punjab Dalip Singh Rana aka The Great Khali, is now the holder of the famed golden belt. Edge was unable to continue wrestling due to a legit injury to his pectorals, hence he was forced to forfeit his title. Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long issued a 20 man battle royal for the vacat championships, which was won by Khali as the last man standing in the ring. Currently my stupid cable provider is not keen on paying the money required for Pay Channels, so I can’t get WWE shows on TEN Sports. Anyway they would have shown this episode only in a few weeks.

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This Boy Is No Party Liason

I was supposed to go for a party tonight and hence leave early from the office. It’s funny how come everytime that I ask to and arrange to leave the office, I actually end up going either at the usual time or even later than normal. I had wanted to take a leave in order to spend time with family & relatives, as today was the naming ceremony of my cousin’s son. Is there a proper name for the Hindu version of it, you know of doing the actual naming on the 28th day of the child’s existence? But you know what I find crazy about the whole thing? Like, the parents of the boy or girl being born didn’t have enough time to chose a name, a whole bloody 10 months, they get another 28 days to decide on a name. If I ever have a kid, his or her name will be picked up months before the birth.

Anyways, I digress, I ended up leaving the office after 6 pm, working a full 9 hours on a project, and reached home by 7 pm. The plan was to take a bath, change and head out to Lotus club. I called up my folks at around 7:20 pm to find out where they were and was told that they were at the club. I took my clothes off in order to take a bath, put some music on…..and went to sleep! I dunno why, I wasn’t exactly tired, but I napped for an hour. Then I watched tv till about 10 pm, made some instant noodles and had that and a seven up for dinner. When a nice family party was waiting for me, with really good food and Smirnoff Vodka!

I dunno know, my head just fell heavy and sleep was the most tempting thing on offer. So I dozed. I only have to go to work by 4 pm tomorrow, so I most likely will sleep a lot.

Song for the day – “Believe It Or Not” – NICKELBACK

Cafe Tropical – Johannes Lindstead

This guys is truly awesome without attempting to be the least bit flashy. Spiritual rather than religious, Johannes Linstead is a world music master to the core, playing music for the soul on this, Cafe Tropical, his 6th album. The award winning classical guitarist from Oakville (Ontario), Canada mixes influences from Cuba, Venezuela & Greece, giving us a tropical cocktail. It’s amazing what Johannes Linstead has accomplished in the eight years since the release of his first album Sol Luna Tierra in 1999. From winning “Best World Album” to having top-ten charting albums, to top radio airplay, he has become recognized internationally as one of best selling guitarist/composers in the nouveau flamenco genre.

From the very first song you are hooked! Cien Fuegos a fiery, mediterranean track that sets the mood. Cafe Tropical reminds you of Cuba with it’s Latin trumpet accompaniment and breezy feel that makes you wanna reach for a pina colada. My favourite track is The Streets Of Old San Juan, a dance along number. Spanish Town is the kind of song that makes you long for living in a small town where everyone knows you and every evening it’s party time on the streets with good food & wine. Tides Of Eden is a melancholic tune, while Ole Ole Ola reminds me of camp fire parties.

You have Suave with some good piano playing along with the guitars, El Zocolo, Santeria, Para La Havana which screams ‘CUBA’ loud and clear and is probably one of the best tributes to the city of Havana. The album also has Chica Chica, the name by which one of my MySpace friends from Idaho goes by and who I met around the same time as when I discovered the music of Johannes. ;)

Overall, this is one of the best flamenco, world music albums that I have heard, comparable to those of Jesse Cook, Ottmar Leibert, Oscar Lopez & Vicente Amigo. Enjoy it!

Song for the day – “The Streets Of Old San Juan” – JOHANNES LINSTEAD

Sens trade for Donovan

gunfight at the o k corral movie The Ottawa Senators have traded left-winger Peter Schaefer to the Boston Bruins in exchange for right-winger Shean Donovan. 32 year old Donovan used to play for the Ottawa 67s during his days as a junior player in the CHL. 2007-08 will be his 13th year as a professional and the Sens will be his 7th club. In 12 NHL seasons with the San Jose Sharks, Colorado Avalanche, Atlanta Thrashers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary Flames and Bruins, he has played 774 regular-season games, accumulating 100 goals, 114 assists and 558 penalty minutes. Donovan also adds 11 points (5-6) during 43 post-season games, including the 24 games played during the Flames’ run against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2004 Stanley Cup finals. The 6-foot-2, 209-pound native of Timmins, Ont., was drafted by San Jose as its second pick, 28th overall, in 1993 and turned professional in the 1994-95 season, after completing his four-year junior career with the Ontario Hockey League’s 67’s. Donovan has also represented Canada in international competition, winning the gold medal at the 1995 world junior championship and again at the 1997 world men’s championship.

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Rainy Day Cochin

Holy H2O Batman! The rains aren’t letting up, pots holes are being made a dime a dozen on the streets and I don’t feel like getting up early. It can get so cold & wet that we have pigeons taking shelter on the bathroom ventilations, under the cars in my building car park & who knows where else. Today while taking a leak in my bathroom, I was startled to see & hear the flapping of the wings of a pigeon, who had settled on the ventilation. Needless to say he was shivering due to being cold & wet.

On my way back from work, most of the paths are filled with water nearly a foot deep! In areas where the drainage is not properly maintained (that could be the entire state) it is a horror to walk, unless you happen to wear thick boots that go all the way till your crotch! And even then you will have drenched socks &  heck even your underwear is soaked.

8 Random Facts about Me

This is one of those internet memes that I enjoy reading on other people’s websites. I guess I have to do all of them as well, so here goes:

  1. I was given or suggested the name ‘Roshan‘ by a Malayalee nurse, who befriended my mother, at the hospital in which I was born. My parents weren’t sure as to what name to give me and they were looking at names like ‘Sheffin‘ to match my sister’s name, which is ‘Sherine‘. I guess I should thank that nurse. I was almost a Sheffin, yuck!
  2. My earliest memory is, sadly only around the age of 4. I can’t remember anything earlier than that. I remember asking my mother, when we were living in Kuwait, how old I was! (to put an age to that memory years later ;))
  3. The only thing I have stolen – of all the lamest things in the world – was a comic book that featured all these superheroes in one issue battling a bunch of super villains! I didn’t exactly steal it; I borrowed it from a friend and told him that it got packed along with some of my stuff in one my suitcases and that I couldn’t get it out. It was a few days before we left Kuwait for good and moved to India.
  4. I have always been saddened at not being able to be a citizen of the country that I was born in & lived for the first 11 years of my life, just because I am not from an Arab family. Some weird Arab rule that I will never understand. I love Arabian culture and their warm hospitality & friendliness that is so common among the non-religious fanatics & terrorists!
  5. I am jealous of Indians who were born, raised & residing in countries like Canada, Australia, the US & the UK! There are so many wonderful things about India that I love. But the 4 biggest things in India – religion, Bollywood ( and Indian movies & music), cricket & politics – are also the 4 biggest things that I hate about Her! You can add hypocrisy to it as well.
  6. I’ve had 3 relationships with 3 different women (at different times). The first is what I would categorize as a school crush. The second is my biggest regret & mistake. The third is my fondest and will remain a secret as she was/is 13 years my senior. :)
  7. I am the world’s greatest air guitarist, specializing in multiple styles & genres. That is a fact.
  8. I am writing a sci-fi novel that I hope to finish by the end of the year. It’s a long time coming and it has taken 3 years for me to get through 20 chapters! Putting it in words is so difficult since my words cannot match my imagination. But I hope to have it completed and try and get it published!

Song for the day – “Ferris Wheel” – SABRINA TAYLOR

Some People

Some people are just meant to have hard times. And cry. And be sad and not be happy in the long run. Good things are not meant to happen to them. They aren’t going to be comfortable when happy so they make ways for suffering & sadness to overcome them. Cause only then can they be satisfied. I know a few people like that and got to really know a person like that today.

Dark Skies

The night was cloudy & it rained a heck of a lot. Infact, it was raining so heavily with a gusty wind, that when I looked back from my computer screen, I saw the floor and part of my bed was so wet as the rain was being blown inside through the open window. There was quite a bit of water on the floor between the window and my bed, which was was dripping wet. I quickly closed the windows & fastened the lock on the windows to avoid being drowned. As I was closing the windows, I saw the weirdest shadow being made as a vehicle moved slowly on the street below. The street light and the wet road & walls and the vehicle combined to create an otherworldly shape in the form of a shadow that sent a little shiver down my spine. I imagined this ‘creature’ trying to get into the apartment through my window and only missed by a fraction of a second, as I close & lock the windows just in time.

I have a very active imagination and my mind normally goes off in different tangents that seem to be farther off from reality than most people’s. Also I read & watch a lot of sci-fi, horror & occult themed stuff, so I tend to look for those themes in everything that I see. I normally have this day-dream of a world 3000 years in the future with a bunch of spaceships and different aliens and planets being involved. Let me tell you; Hollywood can’t compare to the kind of things happening in my brain every day!

Song for the day – “Wings Of A Butterfly” – H.I.M

The World Goes On

Anyone who has read my blog for a few entries would know by now what I like to do on Sundays. The routine changes very little and it might be a little sad but I do not get that much free time and working 6 days a week only leaves me with Sunday to relax and do what I want. However, what I want to do normally takes a lot more money so I just do the simpler things.

Today I headed over to have some triple sec frappe and a muffin before I went to get my hair cut @ Mama Mia’s. My hair was growing quite a bit unruly and difficult to manage, what with the balding spot & the condition of my scalp! Dandruff, my dear friends – it comes and it goes. I do not have a permanent remedy for it. Anyway, I had it cut short so that it is easy to manage and I must admit, I look a bit younger. But the hair is going at an alarming rate and my threat to shave it all off is looking more and more likely to come true. Why not? Just shave the damn head clean and shrug off the balding! If I wasn’t fat I would have done it a long time back.

After that and being astonished at the amount of hair that I had left on the ground, I went to get some rum & pepsi for a change. But to tell you the truth, I am so conditioned by vodka now that nothing else really tastes good enough. And also, I seem to have lost the desire to drink pepsi or coke! It tasted terrible on it’s own.

Three deaths by accident in the span of three days – a former colleague of mine lost her younger brother & sister when their bike hit a road median and they fell onto the path of a speeding bus. The tires of the bus snapped their heads and they both died instantaneously! The boy was just 18 and his sister was 21 or so. I had seen the boy once last year. Then today while I was speaking to a friend, he got a call saying that his uncle had died as a result of a truck hitting his scooter in Thrissur. And you say that there is a god?

Song for the day – “Row Him Home” – NICKY MEHTA