31 Going On 13

I just turned 31. So here I am a 31 year old man…with a ton of regrets and a whole lot of ‘if i could only do…’! Well for just this day, maybe I can forget about all of these things and just have a little fun. Vinitha was the first person to catch on in the office about my birthday, since she saw the pop-up in Orkut. So she sent me a message last night. Also my beloved Cathy called me at 12:30 am to wish me before she went to bed. That was sweet!

I didn’t want a big fuss for today and wasn’t even planning on letting people know that it was my birthday, cause it’s 31st and not my 21st. What’s so ‘happy’ about it? But since Vinitha already knew about it, I thought ‘ok’! I bought some chocolates and gave it to people in the office. I got a card and they got a cake for me. Imagine the embarrassement of having the women fuss over some silly birthday. I was decorated with the multi colours of my cake. I also spoke to my beloved Asha before she had to start her work shift.
Evening time rolled over and it was time for me to take leave of the office and go drinking! Anil & Madhu were due informed two days in advance and we met up at the Executive Bar @ Park Residency in Kalamassery. Brandy for Anil, Whiskey for Madhu & Vodka for me. Two rounds of drinks & food and as usual making fun of each other, chatting about old friends and women! More jokes, more drinks & more food followed by lots of laughing. In the end we had to leave and go home as they both had an early day and I wasn’t off from work tomorrow. So, I am now safe & secure in my room, having braved the cold winds, rain & terrible road conditions on Anil’s bike.

Goodnite everyone! My world grew older by a year!

Song for the day – “What A Good Boy” – BARENAKED LADIES

August 2nd Birthday Babies

I share my birthday with

  • Irish actor Peter O’Toole
  • Horror movies director Wes Craven, USA
  • Former WWE tag team champion Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart
  • Neal Morse, multi-instrumentalist of the band Spock’s Beard
  • American actress Mary Louise Parker
  • American rock singer Joe Lynn Turner
  • Portuguese football defender Fernando Couto
  • Norwegian Black Metal drummer Jan Axel ‘Hellhammer’ Blomberg
  • American Ice Hockey player Tony Amonte
  • German footballer Steffen Effenberg
  • Actor Edward Furlong
  • Portuguese footballer Helder Postiga
  • Canadian wrestler Harry Smith (song of the British Bulldog, Davy Boy Smith)
  • Canadian country singer Aaron Pritchett
  • American actress & hot babe Nadia Bjorlin