Me as a Simpson

I was always a fan of the yellow family, Springfield’s famed family of 5, the Simpsons. They started in 1989 and I was hooked from the start by this cartoon for adults (although I was only 13 at the time). Bart was the definite focus & star of the bunch, although Homer is now the top guy. As always Lisa, Marge & Maggie do their supporting roles to the best of their abilities. The cast of characters that make up the rest of Springfield is equally interesting & wonderful. Although there were time when I barely watched an episode in entirety, I still come crawling back to the series for much wanted humour and relief from the outside world. There is a website through which you can create a Simpsonized version of yourself. I uploaded my photo and then added the glasses, colour of shirt and hairstyle to match that of mine. So this is what I would look like, if I was a character in the show. Want to find out what you would look like as a Simpson? If so, then Simpsonize Yourself!

Shopping On A Sunday

After staying in the last two Sundays, I was itching to go out again. But yesterday’s adventure left little in the tank and I was tired. I slept for almost 10 hours (gulp) and was a lot refreshed. But I was feeling so lazy and still a bit tired that I almost didn’t go out. I had wanted to do a few things, like prepare for the function on Tuesday by buying the stuff I needed and change my glasses. I woke up at 8:30 am and relaxed for a while until 11:20 when I took a shower and got out.

I was looking to buy a glass bowl, a fake, long, silver or white beard and a horror mask. The bowl is for my role as the ‘fortune teller’ in the office function that we are gonna stage on Tuesday. I was looking for crystal but they are so expensive. And it turns out that I might have to look for it on Monday; today being a Sunday most of the shops were closed. I headed out to Bay Pride Mall (lol, whenever I say that I have to snicker since it sounds so much like Gay Pride Mall….where you will never find me!) and tried my luck there. I did get a horror yucky mask at Archie’s and two ominous & medieval finger rings that would look so cool if I were a member in a Black Metal band! I went to get a cold coffee at the Food Court in the mall and left for MG Road.

I wasted more time looking for a poster that would serve as a prop for a game that we would be playing on Tuesday but could not find a single one I liked. Then I headed for Paico and looked some more. I bought a copy of the latest RSJ and then decided on the spur of the moment to get gifts for my nephews and my niece. I can’t remember ever buying the boys anything other than some cookies or candy. I can rectify that so, I got a fluffy teddy bear for my niece Geetanjali and similar cars (but in different colours) for the boys. Mercedez convertibles if you like that sort of thing and are into cars.

Ofcourse I then headed out to grab a novel at the used book store – A Time To Kill by John Grisham. He is turning into my favourite author if you go by the number of books of his that I have bought lately. But my fav will always be Stephen King. Then it was time for lunch and a couple of beers, while reading about rock bands in RSJ.

Oh it has started to rain here; lovely when it rains during the 7 pm to 8 pm time slot. By the way, neither the horror mask nor the teddy bear that I bought today look like the ones pictured above. I couldn’t find the appropriate ones and my cellphone camera sucks, so I just posted two good pics!

Song for the day – “Another Rainy Night” – QUEENSRYCHE