The Event

I woke up at 5 am to get ready to leave home for the function. The cab came to pick me up at 7 am and then went on to pick up my fellow trainers from their homes and we reached the office a little after 8. I had a a big surprise in the form of an awesome looking tent (which was square) consisting of a black outer layer of cloth, a blood red inner layer of cloth and another black layer. Some creepers were placed on the tent to give it more of an authentic look. Inside, a table was placed and some lights lying on the table & a red cloth covering it. My crystal ball (which was just a small round lamp) would light either green or red depending on which switch I flicked with my foot. It was truly awesome and the center of everyone’s curiosity.

My AM’s dad (they are Sikhs) came over to tie a turban over my head, and I was dressed up in a black outfit that made me look like a black magic swami of a bygone era. Over the black robe, I wore some chains & other stuff and I had two awesome sharp metallic rings that wouldn’t look foreign on an medieval druid or wizard. I had my friends paint some tribal symbols painted on my forehead and they pasted a white beard & mustache – with fevicol – on my face. My AM couldn’t stop laughing and she kept snapping pictures. They will soon follow, as soon as she sends them to me.

I sat inside the tent and a colleague, dressed in black and a scary mask, stood next to me. When someone comes in, he would flash a torch at his face and say ‘boo’ to them and then they would have to sit on a chair while I took some bullshit in a fake cracking voice and let them ask me questions on their future. If I flicked the green light, it would be a positive sign on their future and if it was red then it was….well you know the drill. Some liked it and a few didn’t. No one except one stupid girl said anything negative and I know that it was personal but no one paid any attention to her. A few people recognized me immediately but we managed to scare quite a few numbers, including a couple of the Managers. The GM ran scared twice!

We took a small break at 1:30 for a snack and then were back at it till nearly 6 in the evening after which, the heat of the turban and the cloth were begining to affect me and my throat started aching because of the fake voice that I was using. I had to stop at that time and took of the robe. There were other games, like Flag Your Fortune, Place the bindi on Mona Lisa blindfolded, darts and a quiz, plus a vote for best man & woman. Another member of our team, dressed up like Swami Vivekananda and stood on a pedestal, expresionless. You had to make him smile or laugh in three minutes. No one could do so. At the end, as were winding up I made him laugh as I told him about a situation at work which I knew would crack him up.

I was quite tired and tried to relax with a snack, having had no lunch at all, and a coffee to sooth my throat. The crowd thinned down after 6 and only a few handfuls came after that, one bunch a time. I took a turn to making some of the kids play some games.

Overall, it was a fun day and I think the last few days leading up to it made our team a whole lot closer. And that is a good thing.

Song for the day – “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me” – BRYAN ADAMS

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When a person is denied entry to a place, it is known as being ‘barred’ from that particular place. When your access to some services are cut off, you are ‘barred’ of that particular service. And when your access is restored or you are no longer denied access, you are ‘unbarred’.

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So what happens when a lawyer (advocate, barrister, shark) is banned from appearing in court to represent clients and from practicing law altogether? He is ‘disbarred’ (same as unbarred)!

Does that sound right?