Back In The Saddle

I am anxiously waiting for the photos of the event to finally get to me. There is some problem with the data cable of the digicam that is causing all this delay and making me nuts. I did get to see them on a laptop but just briefly and my cousins and a few friends are asking for them. Damn, I think it’s time that I buy a digital camera, so I can get good pictures.

Back to work now that the event is over but hey, watch out! Cause here comes Independence Day next Wednesday and then in a couple of weeks it is Onam. That would also mark the end of the first year in the apartment. And back to work it is indeed! Straight out of the bat, we have some tasks assigned to us that require a lot of team work and some presentation skills. It’s not an easy job as some in the office seem to think so. But a month in this position will make them think otherwise.

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Song for the day – “Cocaine Cowgirl” – MATT MAYS & EL TORPEDO