Canadian Bacon

Back in 1995, way before his two hugely successful documentaries Fahrenheit 9/11 & Bowling For Columbine, writer / director Michael Moore made a satirical comedy called Canadian Bacon. Last night I finished downloading this movie so I can watch it again (I’ve seen it twice in the last 1999-00) and saw it this evening. This is the only non-fiction movie that Moore has made. The film is about a fictional US President who, in a desperate move to improve his poll ratings in order to be elected for a second term, tries to stage a fake cold war. But when the Russians won’t help and with their old enemies gone, his advisers suggests media manipulation to come up with a cold war with their northern neighbours, Canada. The problem is, a Niagra Falls, Bud Boomer, and his friends take it too seriously and the people of their town start to load on in guns & ammo to protect themselves. Boomer & his gang head across the river to litter Canada and when they are questioned by Mounties, Honey (who is Bud’s lover) is captured and taken to Ottawa. Bud mounts a ‘rescue’ mission only to find Honey has escaped and has headed to the top of the CN tower in Toronto. Meanwhile, the US government is shocked to find that a n Ammunitions & Missile Technology expert & former owner of a company that manufactures hi-tech weapons, has started the countdown for launching missiles headed for Moscow. The clincher! The command center is hidden in the CN tower. Honey inexplicably destroys the command center and rejoins with Bud back to the US.

The movie makes fun of American & Canadian sterotypes – Americans readily going to war & taking to guns and afraid of anything portrayed negative & that they believe anything that the news tell them. Canadians are portrayed as too polite & stoic but ready to fight if anyone insults their beer!That infact is a truly funny scene, when Bud insults Canadian beer at a hockey game in Canada!

The movie stars Alan Alda as President Norman Bates, Canadian John Candy as US Sheriff Bud Boomer, Rhea Perlman as Honey, Kevin Pollack as National Security Adviser Stuart Smiley & Rip Torn as General Panzer. Dan Aykroyd has a cameo role as an Ontario policeman in a funny scene.

This movie was the last completed one of the late John Candy.

Warning In Advance

How nice of the BJP! The Indian Express has carried a small article in today’s edition stating that the BJP has declared a 12 hour harthal on September 14 “to protest against the formation of the Salem railway division by splitting up the Palghat division and the “step-motherly” attitude of the Center towards Kerala in general”.

So to protest against the Centeral government’s treatment of Kerala, they proclaim a harthal….in Kerala! To inconvenience us, the people of Kerala, on the 14th of September, so we have to stay indoors, not get public transport and have to suffer some more by being unable to operate our work & business and have to deal with loss of revenue!

Clever dudes these politicians, very clever!

Song for the day – “Can I Play With Madness?” – IRON MAIDEN