Today at dinner I understood that even within my team there are certain issues. I have always known about the issue that some have with one person in particular and he rightfully deserves any hostility & mistrust that comes his way. And he is getting quite a bit of it these days. But the issues within our team must come to an end as soon as possible. Even if it is hidden for most of the time, it is very very unhealthy to have it in a small group.

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Although some people seemingly stick together, go out together, go for lunch / dinner together and even go to the loo together, it is only when you get them seperate that things come out in the open and you find out one person’s true feelings & opinions about the other. That comes as a shock to me cause I for one, always like it when there is good unity, harmony & love between my group. Why it is not all hunky-dorry is beyond me. I mean, ok there might be some infighting & disagreement but that should not get carried forward to the next day. You must come back with a clean slate. But it is not so and I am begining to think that I am alone in this team. That I alone want complete peace & harmony while others are ok with some mistrust and being wary of another. I am doing all that I can to change it.

Song for the day – “Adia” – SARAH MCLACHLAN