August 15

So Independence Day, a holiday during the week to enjoy. Last night from 8pm till 11 was terrible; no electricity for over three hours. Nothing to do but to take a long nap and thank goodness for a wonderful breeze, which threatened rain but never came. It was huge relief when the lights came on just in time for me to watch reruns of Seinfeld & Friends and bits of a movie that I seen earlier and had reviewed in this blog – Blade : Trinity. That done, I went to chat with Tania for a while and then went to bed.

Today, I wanted to just get out and relax at the coffee shop, so I went out at around 11 and spent 90mins at CCD with a novel and a triple sec cold coffee. I then needed to get some cash outta the ATM machine so I went over to the ICICI office near Padma. I saw Anju there, surprise, she no longer works for the bank and is looking around for a job in HR since she has had it with sales. It was sure nice to chat with her for a while but dumbass that I am, I forgot to ask her for her phone number. Shit! Anyway, she informed me that she & her friend were having trouble taking money out from the ATM – seems that the entire ICICI network is down. They had been trying since morning to take money out with no luck, even if there was more than enough cash in their accounts. And their debit cards were not being processed at any shops at all. Major issue! Which meant that I couldn’t take any out myself. Oh well!

I went to have lunch and washed it with a couple of vodkas. Then I came back for a long snooze and I’ve been listening to songs from 5 pm and trying to get ICICI’s customer care. But the suckers have been flooded by calls, no doubt by frustrated customers who could not take money out of their accounts. I have no sympathies for them; I would for any other customer care center but not ICICI. Wanna know why? Cause when I was a customer care representative for Escotel, our worst customers were the corporate customers from ICICI. Cochin, Calicut, Kottayam, Thrissur, Trivandrum – you name it, all assholes who couldn’t wait to brandish their company’s name at us. But we were never impressed. So no sympathies assholes!

Song for the day – “Pretty Child” – INDUS CREED

Outsourced Simpsons

On Independence Day, I’d like to share this truly, hilarious clip from a Simpsons episode which features outsourcing and in which the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant gets outsourced to India. Truly funny.

And what if Indians had made the Simpsons? This would be what they would look like.

She is 60

She is 60. She is still very young as a nation; in the true sense of the meaning of the word ‘Nation’. But as an ideology & a theme, she is ancient. But her subjects behave like spoiled brats. As a country, she has much more to learn, much to grow. To become who she is destined to be, she has miles to go. What we think are the greatest things about her, may actually be the worst about her. Is she a democracy? You call her the world’s biggest, but she isn’t that. Not really. Before you blindly dispute me, take a newspaper, any given day, read it thoroughly and then claim it!

I wasn’t born here! Does that make me less of an Indian? Sometimes I wonder if I qualify as being an Indian! The Reason? It’s that I cannot stand the FOUR biggest things in India (according to me) and that is Religion, Cricket, Politics & Bollywood (I would have to clump in Indian film music, regional or otherwise). I just can’t stand these 4 things. And sometimes, even as we progress in other fields, I can’t help but think that we are two centuries behind in certain matters. Differences in religion, political parties causing riots, idiots in powerful positions and backward thinking – to just name a few.

But the way I look at it is this; you think she is beautiful now? Just think of her when she gets rid of her excess baggage.

Now that is real beauty.

Jai Hind!