Notes for 29th August

  • I am currently undergoing a training regarding softskills for customer interaction & feedback / coaching
  • I am enjoying it as we have a really good trainer who is quite effective & the training is interactive
  • I am starting to feel that 11 am to 8 pm is not such a bad shift timing
  • Twice in two days I have had to wait until the train passed to cross the railway cross and get to the bus stop
  • I am getting appalled at the behaviour of some of the people who work in operations
  • I sent my resume to a company that is just setting up an office in my city and I am hopeful
  • That is the second time in 5 days that I sent my resume to another company
  • The big lunch / dinner on behalf of the training team / operations for the new employees of my level is probably happening on Friday and I will be part of the organizing committee – 8 months after we joined

The Guitars Are Calling You To Join Them

It takes great talent to rearrange a classic rock song and make it sound like your own. Rodrigo y Gabriela take a mega cult song like Stairway To Heaven and give it a rumba flamenco twist with a hint of metal. I’m sure that M/s Page, Plant, Jones & the spirit of Bonham will approve.

Song for the day – “Stairway To Heaven” – RODRIGO Y GABRIELA