So Long Friend

Yesterday’s 14 hour work day & 4 training sessions in a row, albeit short as it was, took it’s tool on Neil & me. I reached home and slept for a solid eight hours, only waking up at 10:30 am. Too tired to do anything other than listen to music and sip coffee, I only got about 90 minutes of relaxation at home before I had to drag myself to the bathroom and get ready to go the office.

Shaved & showered, I went to the office, almost falling asleep on the way there. I had a quality session at 2 pm, which lasted for nearly 2 hours, with a bunch of my colleagues and just had a light snack for lunch. Then it was another crisis management session that I took for more employees and it went well. I had them, most of whom don’t know me, laughing at my jokes and that lightened the mood. Then it was time for finishing some reports and sending mail before we had a small farewell presentation for my colleague & friend Vinitha. It was her last day today at the office and although she is not leaving the company it won’t be the same. She is getting married on September 10th and will be moving to Bangalore and will join our company’s huge offices there.

I met Vinitha on January 18th; I remember we sat next to each other during the first day of process training conducted by our company’s client. During the training and the first month after it we became friends but weren’t that close. Then later, in April, when she moved from Operations to the Training team, we became closer and I saw the softer side of her. As a professional, she is meticulous, very, very damn organized and gets things done. She is also very talented and has highly skilled presentation skills. As a person she is warm and friendly and is so loving, although that side of her took a while to come out. We confided in each other and talked at lengths during our days together at the office.

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Another thing that I so liked about her is the way she is with people like Ajeeba & Neil (who are in our team) and also with some of the agents in the call center. She is like a big sister to them (she is almost 29) and that is a fun side to see. I am gonna miss her terribly and she is very, very difficult to replace but I am glad to have known her and become friends with her. We plan on going to her wedding in 10 days time and after that, who knows when our paths will cross again!

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Song for the day – “Cherry Popsicle” – JANN ARDEN