Arsenal 1 Steaua 0

Arsenal extend their unbeaten run so far since the beginning of the season when they won their match last night. Robin van Persie extended Arsenal’s winning run to nine matches as the Dutch striker’s late goal clinched a 1-0 victory at Romanian side Steaua Bucharest in the Champions League on Tuesday. Arsene Wenger’s side are in a rich vein of form and were able to grind out their second Group H success despite struggling to produce the flowing football that has taken them to the top of the Premier League. They top their group with 6 points.

She Moves On

I would like to give you an update on my friend, the girl with the problems. She came to work on Friday as usual. There was a small function regarding the certification of a training batch that she did. She didn’t want her trainees to see her like that but she had no choice. So she came and attended the function, handed out their certificates but was too weak to continue further and so took a half day leave. She was also suffering from a fever and her body was already very weak.

On Saturday morning, she called me before I went for work. She was crying, worried & tense about appearing in court on Monday. She said that she wanted to move on and that she needed to work, so as not to bother anyone. A transfer to one of our company’s branches was suggested and with the same project, so she would not have to spend more time learning a new one. She asked me if I would ask our AM to present the idea. Our AM was willing to do anything to help my friend out and she started on the formalities to try and see if the transfer was feasible. It seems it will so.

In between, she faltered and went out to the hospital with her husband. He came to collect her after they spoke on the phone. And like the loving husband he took her to see a doctor! Sonofabitch is the reason she needs to see a doctor in the first place. But she took the bold step when she had to speak in court on Monday and she is moving on.

My friend needs time and plenty of rest to heal. Her fragile body is racked with fever and she needs a change of scenery. The right diet & a some medicines will heal her body. I wonder how long it will take for her mind & heart.

download trapeze online Note: – As I finished typing the above, I decided to call her, as I haven’t heard from her in two days. She is tired and resting. I promised to give her as much help as I can. Whatever she wants I will see if it can be done for her. We are all there for her. She deserves that much.