Wrong Numbers

Just what the heck is it with these wrong number callers? I never had this problem while I was with my previous cellular provider. I rarely got an incoming call that was not meant for me. My number used to belong to a guy called ‘Majeed’. Once in a blue moon, some guy from the Emirates would dial my number and ask for ‘Majeed’! I told him many times that ‘Majeed’ does not use this number but he kept trying every few weeks or so. Perhaps in the dire hope that ‘Majeed’ would get my number. I finally told this Emirates caller that ‘Majeed’ was found face down in the river and that I now owned this cell number and not to bother me anymore or I would get my people to kill him too! That stopped the calls!

In March of this year, as I moved companies I also took up a connection with another provider, my current one. And in May I got a really good corporate connection plan that serves me quite well. I am happy with it. But I have been on the receiving end of so many wrong numbers! Some idiot would call in the middle of the night and ask me ‘Who is this?”.’ Your fucking father’, I would scream!

Then I get the almighty Kerala headache – the missed call! Hey assholes who make missed calls – get a life! I have one, so don’t bother me. I got 10 missed calls from a couple of numbers in the last 2 days. Sometimes I call them back! I give them sarcastic answers and stuff when they ask me these dumb questions. I threaten them. I just got a call from some idiot right now. Even after I told him that I wasn’t the ‘Biju’ he was looking for and cut the call, he still tried to call me again. He got what he deserved! Go to sleep you moron!