She Falters

I was thinking a lot before I decided to post this entry. It’s about my friend again. Yesterday, she called me and was very upset. She spoke to her husband after a long gap and he was sweet at first and then demanded that she apologize to his mother for leaving so abruptly and all the arguments that happened between them (my friend and her husband). He then said that if she wanted, they could take a place on rent and move out on their own. She said that she couldn’t trust him and there was no way that it could happen. Then she told this to her folks (when they came to visit her yesterday morning) who blew up! They screamed at her, especially her mom who berated her for speaking to him and asked her ‘Have you not learnt your lesson?’

This was too much for my friend and she told her parents to get out of the hostel she was staying in. She then called me by afternoon, crying hysterically, asking me for a way to end her life! She wanted to be tossed in a mental asylum or for someone to end her life. Sensing her state of mind, I spoke to one of the three other people who know all the details about this situation, and it was felt that I better go and meet her. Which I did and by the end of my visit she was sounding much better and even laughed at some of my jokes! Which were all at my expense!

But today, it seems that her parents are even more angry because she is out with the asshole who beat her! She went out with her husband on his bike, when he came to see her. I guess that this is a step that she has to take. And she didn’t answer any of our calls. I shall wait and hope that she is well.