Star Wars Series?

George, good old George Lucas has come out and said that he is planning a live action series based on his Star Wars franchise. Read that as LIVE-ACTION and not a computer animated series like Star Wars : The Clone Wars! Yeah, so when do we get to see it? I can’t wait, I hope they show it in India right away, as soon as they start showing it in N.America.

Lucas has stated that the series will not feature either Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker but will rather focus on the minor characters. Ok, anything related to Star Wars is good, as long as they keep that spirit alive. I knew, I just knew that he couldn’t keep away from the series. I mean you create this larger than life world filled with fantasy and adventure and you only make 6 movies! He has a lifetime to do much more than that plus he can always sell the rights to other filmmakers later on so that it can be developed further.

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Smyth In Colorado

Last season, just before the trade deadline the Edmonton Oilers traded their heart & soul player Ryan Smyth to the New York Islanders. I wondered how that was gonna affect the Oilers faithful and it was a bad end of the season for the team. It had affected the entire staff and shook the hockey fraternity, because Ryan was one of the few players you would have expected in this day & age to go on to play his entire professional career at the same club! That is a rare achievement these days and as the face of the Oilers, he was expected to do it and follow in the footsteps of players like Steve Yzerman or Mike Modano & Joe Sakic (not retired yet but at 37 they are likely to retire at their clubs). It was not meant to be.

So he got traded to the Islanders and I wondered how it must have felt to Edmonton fans when they see him in an Islanders jersey. Must have felt weird. And I wonder now how are they gonna feel; cause Smyth is with the Colorado Avalanche now and he is gonna face the Oilers a few times this season! What about when he plays against the Oilers in Edmonton? How torn are the fans gonna be? We will find out next Tuesday. So far the Avs have played 5 games and Smyth has 1 goal & 2 assists but that tally is gonna increase. And when he scores against the Oilers, will he celebrate that goal? Watch out on next Tuesday.