I saw the ad for this movie exactly 8 days ago and watched it this night right after dinner. Mindhunters is about a group of FBI agents being trained as profilers. Their instructor Harris (Val Kilmer) takes them to an island near Virginia where a training facility, used by several branches of the government, including the FBI and the military, and a mock town has been constructed there. They are joined by a detective, Gabe (LL Cool J), who was brought in at the last minute as an observer. However, the very next day things go wrong as it appears that there is a very real serial killer on the island who has laid traps for the students. He gives out clues & the times when a person will die, in the form of broken watches. He kills the students with their greatest fears or weakness.

The students include Bobby (a young man with a penchant and talent for fixing things), Vince (a wheelchair-bound ex-cop who goes nowhere without a gun), Nicole (a die-hard smoker who is attempting to quit), Sara (whose confidence in her abilities has been shaken by a training exercise at the start of the film, shortly after she had a nightmare when she recalled her sister being raped and murdered, she is also petrified of drowning), Gabe (an outside observer and a formidable detective), Rafe (who is very intelligent, and apparently caffeine-powered), Lucas (a supposedly fearless young man whose parents were killed when he was a child), and J.D. (their leader).

Many Twists & turns in the plot later, it turns out that Lucas was the killer all along. A totally troubled individual, he murdered his parents when he was 10 but did not get the fame for it since no one suspected a young child. The traps include tubelights falling into water, a harpoon rigged into a water valve, drug laced coffee, acid laced cigarettes and a backfiring gun! Christian Slater also stars as JD.

Cold Cochin

I woke up by 7:30 am and watched the movie that I had just started to watch last night but fell asleep after 12 minutes – Star Trek : Nemesis. Since I was watching a copy of the movie on a dvd, I could watch it later. I just felt like watching it for the last few days and so I did. Can’t wait for the new Star Trek movie to come out; it had better be good!

Weather wise it is actually something more to what I like. It’s a bit cold, you don’t sweat as much as the air is cool. It has been raining a lot the last two days. Last night I got caught in the heavy downpour while heading home from work. As I sat in the bus, it started to rain and increased in intensity. By the time I reached Kacheripaddy, it was almost a storm and I was wet thoroughly as I braved the wind and made my way home.

Today morning as well it started raining almost as I woke up and I was feeling like going back to sleep with the sheets wrapped around me. But I watched the movie on my computer and then had coffee and breakfast. I took a hot shower and went out later to Cafe Coffee Day, where I oggled this pretty girl who was chatting with her 3 friends. I went to Planet M and got a movie; the cd selections are leaving much to be desired. Lunch and vodka followed soon after as I relaxed & read 4 chapters of John Grisham’s The Broker, which I bought at the second hand book store near Padma. I also got a copy of Stephen King’s Hearts In Atlantis.

the house bunny online

Then it was back home for a little nap and more reading. I woke up by 6:30 pm and went to watch some football on the telly. I also watched a movie which I shall review a bit later. Overall a nice day, I’m liking the cold weather and it feels so good to relax in my room.

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