Arsenal 2 Bolton 0

Arsenal won their 13th game out of 14 played this season in all competitions when they beat struggling Bolton Wanders 2-0 at home. It took a while for the goals to come, as Bolton all but put a blanket around the penalty box and several Arsenal forages came up naught. However second-half goals from Kolo Toure and Tomas Rosicky were enough to consolidate the London club’s two-point lead and provided a timely lift before encounters with Liverpool and Manchester United. The change in the match, which was begining to look like a dull 0-0 draw, came with the substitutions in the second half that saw striker Theo Walcott & Rosicky come on the field. 18 year old Walcott set up the flick on goal for Rosicky.  So Arsenal stay on top, ahead by 2 points over their nearest rivals.

Manchester United beat Aston Villa 4-1, Liverpool beat crosstown rivals Everton 2-1 in a heated Merseyside derby that saw two Everton players red carded & Chelsea beat Middlesborough 2-0 and in a good match Blackburn Rovers beat Reading 4-2.


I saw the ad for this movie exactly 8 days ago and watched it this night right after dinner. Mindhunters is about a group of FBI agents being trained as profilers. Their instructor Harris (Val Kilmer) takes them to an island near Virginia where a training facility, used by several branches of the government, including the FBI and the military, and a mock town has been constructed there. They are joined by a detective, Gabe (LL Cool J), who was brought in at the last minute as an observer. However, the very next day things go wrong as it appears that there is a very real serial killer on the island who has laid traps for the students. He gives out clues & the times when a person will die, in the form of broken watches. He kills the students with their greatest fears or weakness.

The students include Bobby (a young man with a penchant and talent for fixing things), Vince (a wheelchair-bound ex-cop who goes nowhere without a gun), Nicole (a die-hard smoker who is attempting to quit), Sara (whose confidence in her abilities has been shaken by a training exercise at the start of the film, shortly after she had a nightmare when she recalled her sister being raped and murdered, she is also petrified of drowning), Gabe (an outside observer and a formidable detective), Rafe (who is very intelligent, and apparently caffeine-powered), Lucas (a supposedly fearless young man whose parents were killed when he was a child), and J.D. (their leader).

Many Twists & turns in the plot later, it turns out that Lucas was the killer all along. A totally troubled individual, he murdered his parents when he was 10 but did not get the fame for it since no one suspected a young child. The traps include tubelights falling into water, a harpoon rigged into a water valve, drug laced coffee, acid laced cigarettes and a backfiring gun! Christian Slater also stars as JD.

Cold Cochin

I woke up by 7:30 am and watched the movie that I had just started to watch last night but fell asleep after 12 minutes – Star Trek : Nemesis. Since I was watching a copy of the movie on a dvd, I could watch it later. I just felt like watching it for the last few days and so I did. Can’t wait for the new Star Trek movie to come out; it had better be good!

Weather wise it is actually something more to what I like. It’s a bit cold, you don’t sweat as much as the air is cool. It has been raining a lot the last two days. Last night I got caught in the heavy downpour while heading home from work. As I sat in the bus, it started to rain and increased in intensity. By the time I reached Kacheripaddy, it was almost a storm and I was wet thoroughly as I braved the wind and made my way home.

Today morning as well it started raining almost as I woke up and I was feeling like going back to sleep with the sheets wrapped around me. But I watched the movie on my computer and then had coffee and breakfast. I took a hot shower and went out later to Cafe Coffee Day, where I oggled this pretty girl who was chatting with her 3 friends. I went to Planet M and got a movie; the cd selections are leaving much to be desired. Lunch and vodka followed soon after as I relaxed & read 4 chapters of John Grisham’s The Broker, which I bought at the second hand book store near Padma. I also got a copy of Stephen King’s Hearts In Atlantis.

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Then it was back home for a little nap and more reading. I woke up by 6:30 pm and went to watch some football on the telly. I also watched a movie which I shall review a bit later. Overall a nice day, I’m liking the cold weather and it feels so good to relax in my room.

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Sens 4 Montreal 3

to hell and back online download The Ottawa Senators keep rolling along, beating the Montreal Canadiens 4-3. Jason Spezza scored his first goal of the season on the game winning goal with 6 minutes left, bringing the Scotiabank Place crowd of 20,019 to its feet. Rookie Nick Foligno scored his first NHL goal 4 minutes into the second period. He gave his father, former NHL player, Mike a big nod after the goal. As a tribute to his father, the 19-year-old American mimicked Mike’s signature goal celebration, bringing up his knees and jumping as he leaned forward clenching both fists. Wade Redden, who assisted on Foligno’s goal, scored on a power play 31 seconds in and Dany Heatley recorded his 400th career point with his seventh goal of the season. Daniel Alfredsson had three assists to help Ottawa win for the seventh time in eight games.

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Cause We All Just Wanna Be Big Rockstars

On the 26th of this month, a little more than 31 years after I was born, I will fulfill a small part of one of my biggest fantasies and desires and goals! No, the orgy with some very sexy ladies will have to wait for the time being. I’m talking about being on stage and rocking! Yeah dudes & dudettes, yours truly is gonna get up on stage, a real stage, with two guitar players, one bassist, one keyboardist and a drummer and be the frontman of a hastily put up rock band made up of his colleagues and perform a couple of songs live for an audience! Wow, it sounds even more incredible when I put it down on print! Gulp and it’s also one of the scariest things that I have done.

The song list is not finalized but we will only be playing a maximum of 3 songs and we haven’t really practiced as a whole group yet. Infact our bassist was only confirmed this evening and our drummer is having problems in getting a drum set for the event. The bassist has told me that he will be helping out in that situation for us. So all that remains is to practice the songs and finalize the 3 that we are gonna play. I hope they don’t pelt us with rotten eggs & tomatoes. The probable choices will be from :

  • Hold My Beer – Aaron Pritchett
  • Analogue – A-ha
  • Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple
  • Horse With No Name – America
  • Summer Of 69 – Bryan Adams
  • Pretty Vegas – INXS
  • Get Over It – The Eagles

Autograph signing & posing for flash photography will follow. Panties & bras thrown at the band in pure lust will not be returned….and groupies please do not fight! There is enough to go around

Star Wars Series?

George, good old George Lucas has come out and said that he is planning a live action series based on his Star Wars franchise. Read that as LIVE-ACTION and not a computer animated series like Star Wars : The Clone Wars! Yeah, so when do we get to see it? I can’t wait, I hope they show it in India right away, as soon as they start showing it in N.America.

Lucas has stated that the series will not feature either Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker but will rather focus on the minor characters. Ok, anything related to Star Wars is good, as long as they keep that spirit alive. I knew, I just knew that he couldn’t keep away from the series. I mean you create this larger than life world filled with fantasy and adventure and you only make 6 movies! He has a lifetime to do much more than that plus he can always sell the rights to other filmmakers later on so that it can be developed further.

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Smyth In Colorado

Last season, just before the trade deadline the Edmonton Oilers traded their heart & soul player Ryan Smyth to the New York Islanders. I wondered how that was gonna affect the Oilers faithful and it was a bad end of the season for the team. It had affected the entire staff and shook the hockey fraternity, because Ryan was one of the few players you would have expected in this day & age to go on to play his entire professional career at the same club! That is a rare achievement these days and as the face of the Oilers, he was expected to do it and follow in the footsteps of players like Steve Yzerman or Mike Modano & Joe Sakic (not retired yet but at 37 they are likely to retire at their clubs). It was not meant to be.

So he got traded to the Islanders and I wondered how it must have felt to Edmonton fans when they see him in an Islanders jersey. Must have felt weird. And I wonder now how are they gonna feel; cause Smyth is with the Colorado Avalanche now and he is gonna face the Oilers a few times this season! What about when he plays against the Oilers in Edmonton? How torn are the fans gonna be? We will find out next Tuesday. So far the Avs have played 5 games and Smyth has 1 goal & 2 assists but that tally is gonna increase. And when he scores against the Oilers, will he celebrate that goal? Watch out on next Tuesday.

She Falters

I was thinking a lot before I decided to post this entry. It’s about my friend again. Yesterday, she called me and was very upset. She spoke to her husband after a long gap and he was sweet at first and then demanded that she apologize to his mother for leaving so abruptly and all the arguments that happened between them (my friend and her husband). He then said that if she wanted, they could take a place on rent and move out on their own. She said that she couldn’t trust him and there was no way that it could happen. Then she told this to her folks (when they came to visit her yesterday morning) who blew up! They screamed at her, especially her mom who berated her for speaking to him and asked her ‘Have you not learnt your lesson?’

This was too much for my friend and she told her parents to get out of the hostel she was staying in. She then called me by afternoon, crying hysterically, asking me for a way to end her life! She wanted to be tossed in a mental asylum or for someone to end her life. Sensing her state of mind, I spoke to one of the three other people who know all the details about this situation, and it was felt that I better go and meet her. Which I did and by the end of my visit she was sounding much better and even laughed at some of my jokes! Which were all at my expense!

But today, it seems that her parents are even more angry because she is out with the asshole who beat her! She went out with her husband on his bike, when he came to see her. I guess that this is a step that she has to take. And she didn’t answer any of our calls. I shall wait and hope that she is well.

The Covenant

This is a movie that I read about in a movie blog review first and then downloaded via, a site that lets you download movies for free, after you install their application. The Covenant is about the Sons of Ipswich, descendants of wealthy colonists in Massachusetts. These families have untold powers that are passed down from father to son throughout generations. However one family’s greed for more, made the other four banish them, while the remaining four have based a covenant of secret. Problem happens when a descendant of the fifth comes seeking revenge. The four current sons of the families are Caleb Danvers, (Steven Strait), Pogue Parry (Taylor Kitsch), Reid Garwin (Toby Hemingway) & Tyler Simms (Chace Crawford). Sebastian Stan plays Chase Collins, the son of the fifth family, descendant of the Putnam family, through an illegimate ancestor and later adopted. He found out his true history through his real father and drunk with added power by way of his dad willing his own power to him before dying, Chase wants more. Using the powers too much, although addictive, makes their bodies weak and age much faster than normal. Caleb’s father was addicted to it and made his 44 year old body look older than 90!

The boys can levitate (they swing their jeep sky high and land behind a police car), move things with their minds and as Caleb demonstrates in a memorable scene, he puts his car back together after it is destroys in a crash with a truck. At a party thrown by the students of Spencer Academy, a dead student is discovered. At the party, newcomer Sarah Wenham (Laura Ramsey) is introduced to the boys by her roommate Kate (Jessica Lucas), who is Pogue’s long time girlfriend.

Also transfered to their school is Chase. Chase aligns himself with the 4 sons of Ipswich and hangs out with Kate & Sarah. But there is something odd about him. Sarah feels someone watching her while she showers in the dorm bathrooms but on investigation, only runs into Reid. While sleeping, she dreams about being covered in spiders, which is Chase using his powers over her. Caleb & Sarah being dating, while Pogue thinks that Chase is trying to steal Kate away. During a challenge swimming race between Chase & Caleb, the later sees the former’s eyes turn completely black, just like the quartets’ does when they use their powers. A distracted Caleb hits his head against the pool wall and blacks out, only to be rescued by Chase.

Caleb & Pogue steal into the school records at night and discover the truth about Chase’s lineage. When Pogue finds out that Chase used his powers to put a spell on Kate and that she is hospitalized, he rushes on his bike to hunt for Chase. He too is put under the spell by the more powerful Chase. When Sarah too is under the spell, Chase agrees to let them go in exchange for Caleb willing his power to Chase. That means death for Caleb just like it was for Chase’s father. In the final confrontation, as they battle each other using their powers, Caleb’s father wills his power to his son and he gets the upper hand and defeats Chase. Kate, Pogue & Sarah are able to come out of the spells immediately.

The movie also stars Stephen McHattie as Caleb’s dad, Wendy Crewson as Caleb’s mom & Kenneth Welsh as the school principle. A sequel is planned in 2008.

2 Birds In 1 Party

My nephew Adithya, the second son of my sister, was born on October 12th. My neice Geethanjali was born on October 16th. My sister & brother-in-law decided to kill two birds with one stone and hosted a large party for the two of them last night, the 14th. I wonder if at age 8 Adi minded it that much. He seemed to having a ball last night. And at just 363 days old, I doubt of Geethu knew what the entire fuss was about in the first place! In fact she spent the evening in a daze at all the noise, chat, laughter, food & drink around her!

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I spent Sunday at home, online for most of the day, until it was 6 pm when I took a shower and got changed to go to Lotus Club, where the event was happening. I wasn’t in a very party going mood with all the things that have been on my mind and nearly decided to call in sick or something, buy myself a packet of instant noodles & a bottle of 7up and curl in front of the tv. But go I did and I reached there by 7:15. Rakesh was the first person I saw and it was nice getting to spend some time with him after two + years. The birthday girl was just arriving to the venue, having just woken up from a long nap.

I spent the evening with Arun, Kannanchettan & Rakesh as we drank glasses & glasses of beer. There were lots to eat – beef, spicy poppadom, french fries, meat balls, onion pakoda (which was the best) and a salad. Many had brandy but I only wanted beer. There was a nice tasty dinner also waiting, which we ate only at 10 pm. Raju came and joined us by 8 and Suraj, his wife & new born son came by 9 pm. That was the first time that I was seeing baby Atma Madhav Nair …. and he had a cold & a tummy upset.

By 10:30 pm I was at home; Arun dropped me on his bike. I was glad that I had gone to the party but I had way, way too much beer. I fell asleep with the lights all on and woke up at 4 am feeling queasy and tired.

Jason On The Hour

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I’ve been a fan of Jason Priestly for many years, ever since they started showing 90210 on cable in India in, what was it 1991-92. I can’t remember, but it seems like a long time ago. I’ve seen Jason in a few films like Calender Girl & The Highwayman plus in the tv series Tru Calling which was much more recent.

Other than acting he is also a director, having directed The Highwayman among others. He also directed the music video for the Barenaked Ladies’ The Old Apartment and was instrumental in making the band a success in the US. He also directed a documentary about being on the road with BNL in the US titled Barenaked In America.

Here he is on the CBC talk show The Hour talking to host George Stroumboulopoulos about his new documentary film on another Canadian band, this time it’s about country-rock trio The Road Hammers (featuring Jason McCoy) trying to make it big in Nashville and the US.

Count Duckula

I was visiting some guy’s blog when I saw that he had links to his favourites in various categories. While going through them I saw a link to one of the cartoons that he & I share a liking to – Count Duckula. The Count was an inspiration to the online nickname I have used since 1998 – Count Roshculla – that and well, because I am fascinated by vampires & Dracula. Duckula was a vampire, evil for the most part, who has been resurrected many times over the years by his servants by performing a ritual. However, as narrated by the voice over during the title sequence, this time his loyal servant Igor was handed a bottle of ketchup instead of blood and hence the Count turned out to be vegetarian! Lol, he prefers to eat juicy carrots and persue wealth and fame as an entertainer.

This was a British made cartoon that was popular during its run in the 80s, although I must have seen it around 1992 or so. It’s fun. The show often centres around Duckula’s adventures in search of riches and fame, assisted by the castle’s ability to teleport around the world. Another regular part of the story is Igor and his attempts to turn Duckula into a proper vampire. Some episodes feature Duckula’s nemesis too saved movie download Doctor Von Goosewing (obviously based on Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, the nemesis of Dracula), a vampire hunter who blindly refuses to believe the current incarnation of Duckula is harmless.

Sens Update – Oct 14th

Since my last update on the Ottawa Senators, they have played three games. Last night the Sens beat the New York Rangers 3-1. Second period goals came from Dany Heatley, Chris Phillips & Patrick Eaves. All three came in a record 52 seconds. Martin Gerber made 36 saves to lift the Senators to an away win. Jaromir Jagr had the lone goal for the heavily touted Rangers. On October 10, they beat the Atlanta Thrashers 3-1 with goals coming from Chris Kelly, Antoine Vermette & Joe Corvo and in which rookie goalie Brian Elliot made his successful NHL debut stopping 27 shots out of 28. The very next day, the Sens lost at home to the Carolina Hurricanes 5-3. Goals came from Heatley, Mike Fisher & Corvo.

Id Feast

I woke up early today morning at 5 am, having just slept 3 hours last night and almost none the previous night. I wanted to reach the office by 7 am in order to leave by 4 pm. So I took a shower, changed and headed out to the bus stop. I had very little breakfast other than coffee, just a couple of biscuits which I shared with Kavitha as I went through the presentation that I was to give to the Security Staff at the office.

I gave the presentation and had a very light lunch which was basically a veggie roll & a lemonade. I spent some time talking with the head of HR about the situation of my friend and we discussed the next steps forward. By 4:30 pm Neil, Manoj, Kavitha & I headed for Ajeeba’s house for a meal she had invited us to on the occasion of Id. Vidya was supposed to join us but she got a call about an interview and hence had to leave for that.

We enjoyed the meal and chatting with Ajeeba & her husband, who it turns out was in the grade ahead of me in my school! I didn’t remember him nor he me, but it was nice to talk about mutual friends and the good old days. That was a nice time and we took our leave as both Manoj & Kavitha had to head out to their respective homes. I took an auto from there to my apartment and although I planned on watching a movie, the lack of sleep caught up with me and I slept for a few hours, waking up just before midnite.

An Atheist In A Convent

I went to see my friend today evening. She had moved into a women’s hostel attached to a convent in town. The reason being that at home she wasn’t getting any peace. Her mother holds a grudge against her for going against the wishes of her and her husband and eloping with that guy. Her mother tends to argue with her and that was taking a toll on my friend. Her brother as well was arguing with her and my friend told me that it was driving her wild. So her father thought that it would be best if she moved to a hostel in the city, where she would be taken care of by the nuns who run the convent.

Since it had been a few days, I spoke with my AM and I decided to go and see my friend. I left the office at 6 pm and took a bus to the convent. I found the place with little difficulty; it is kinda too interior but the convent is well known in that area. I walked into the grounds of the convent and knocked on the door, feeling much like an intruder. A nun answered and I requested to meet my friend. I was led into a waiting room and in a couple of minutes she came to see me with a big smile on her face.

She looked a lot better but was still frightfully thin. The bruises around her eyes were almost faded and I was happy about that. She wanted to know everything that was going on in the office, all the latest news and the office. She asked me, if some of the staff would remember her! I told her all that took place and we chatted for an hour. I told her that I missed her and that I would try to come see her again soon. I have suggested to my team that we go and watch a movie with her and I think she would enjoy that.

By 7:40 I had to take my leave and I walked my way back to the bus stop. It took me a while to get there in the dark. I reached home in 40 minutes, had a coffee and my dinner and I look forward to seeing my friend regain her life back.

Cool Tees

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