Are You Anyone’s Favourite Person?

There is a video meme floating around in Youtube based around the question “Are You Anyone’s Favourite Person?” which I happened to stumble onto today.

So are you? Someone’s favourite person?

I ask myself that question. And that is a question that is troubling me. Or rather the answer is troubling me.

I used to be someone’s favourite person. I guess more than once, I was that and more. But I doubt I am currently anyone’s favourite person. What about u? Wouldn’t you want to have the distinction and honour of being someone else’s favourite person. I guess having someone fall in love with you, automatically makes you their favourite person. But being someone’s favourite person doesn’t mean just romantic love. You can be someone’s favourite person and it can still not be about that kind of love.

Whichever way it is, it sure would be nice.

Have A Chat With Me

I started chatting, which was introduced to me by a friend, in 1998. The chat program of my choice for a very long time was MiRC, a text only chat program. I was hooked for many years, till 2005. I discovered Microsoft’s MSN Messenger in 1999 but it was limited to just a couple of cousins who lived abroad. However very soon many more relatives and many, many friends started using it and I would swap windows from MiRC & MSN.

I never did like Yahoo Messenger very much. I hardly used my Yahoo email id and it lapsed not long after I created it. I would renew it time and time again but I never used it much. I moved all my Yahoo Messenger contacts to MSN and made all my friends cancel my Yahoo id from their address book. Nothing against Yahoo’s other services but I just didn’t like their messenger and their search engine.

Google has dominated my world as a search engine since, I dunno, 1999? 2000. I have tried many search engines but Google just trumps them all. I started using Google exclusively and finally moved to Google Talk or GTalk a little over a year ago, just after I took my current pc and my broadband connection. GTalk rulz! I just love the way it looks and feels. This is the perfect chat program. It doesn’t take too much space, it doesn’t tac your computer’s memory and it’s cute. I have managed to move most of my contacts to Gtalk and most of my friends and relatives.

download virtuosity movie I still use MSN and auto-login to it every time I switch on my computer & broadband connection. I have a few contacts on it that still don’t use GTalk and hence that is the biggest reason for me to use MSN. I waver between not using it and logging in / out of to it from time to time. But then I would miss the contacts that I have there and that’s not something I want. But if I could get those people to move to GTalk as well, and I have done it to a handful, then I would only use GTalk.


I thought Samhain was just a name that Glenn Danzig had for the band he started after he split up from the Misfits and before he formed Danzig (the band). Samhain is Gaelic for November. Samhain — the Celtic ancestor of today’s Halloween — was both the last of the four seasonal celebrations that divided the Celtic year into quarters (see Imbolc, Beltane, and Lughnasa) and the first of their new year. The word samhain means the end of summer, but the time of year meant the beginning of winter. The Celts chose this celebrational but ominous turning point as their New Year.

A modernized version of this festival continues today in some of the traditions of the Catholic All Souls’ Day, the secular Halloween, and in folk practices of Samhain itself in the Celtic Nations and the Irish and Scottish diasporas. It is also observed by various types of Neopagans.

sunshine movie Mostly taken from Wikipedia & for further reading go to Naturalist Almanac.