Moving Again

We just moved all our stuff to the first floor of our office building. By we, I mean my department, HR, Tech team, Admin, facilities – all support functions of a BPO. It took us over a day to do the movement of box files, drawers & other stuff. It took the tech team & facilities 32 hours to get the computers setup, networking all done and the cabinets & heavier equipments setup. It hasn’t even been a week. We grumble about the lack of privacy and space in our new setup. You can’t talk about stuff that you don’t want others to hear. You can’t have a mini-meeting in your seats since everyone else is within an elbow’s distance away.

We in the training department were having a huge problem since we were told that we had to take our training sessions on the open floor. Setup some computers with a projector and some screens and go to work! No really I mean it! We made a lot of noise, we stuck it out for a couple of days. It just wasn’t working.

So now, we go back down, only during actual training. Which means, I get to take my next 5 day session, starting at 4 pm today evening, in a proper training room on the ground floor. With walls! With enough space for me & my kids to do some kind of activities, that I normally make our trainees do. Yipee!

Note the sarcasm! Why were we not allowed to do it properly in the first place? We knew it won’t work, they knew it won’t work! So why?