As I sit in one of the training rooms and wait for my new trainees to come back from their break, I was just going through a list of some websites that have blog rollled me. Now, as grateful as I am, I wish these bloggers would visit often and put some comments against my posts. I’d love to get to know you better and have chats with you.

So if you have the time and the rhyme, please leave me a comment or two here and there and I’ll respond back. Thank You.

The World Of The Celebs

In other news from movie, tv & music industries:

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt got engaged to Scottish actor Scottish actor Ross McCall
  • Pamela Anderson says she wants to retire for showbiz in 5 years and move back permanently to Canada
  • Charisma Carpenter separates from her husband of 5 years
  • Hulk Hogan’s wife has filed for divorce after 24 years of marriage to the WWE superstar
  • Former GnR guitarist Slash has written an autobiography and has chapters dedicated to his leaving Guns n’ Roses
  • Rockers Queen are to release a new single, featuring original members Roger Taylor, Brian May & new vocalist Paul Rodgers
  • Brandon ‘Superman’ Routh gets married

New Knight Rider, New KITT

Have you heard that a new movie based on the Knight Rider tv series is being planned and that the cast is almost set? Wow! There’s gonna be a new KITT as well.

According to reports, Bruce Davison is to act as the car’s creater & the movie, scheduled for later in the season, centers on Mike Tracer (Justin Bruening) a race-car driver and the son of of the 1980s show’s lead character, Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff is in talks to reprise the role in a cameo). His childhood sweetheart (Deanna Russo) and her father (Davison) recruit him to join the private, justice-seeking Knight Foundation.

Internet reports say the new KITT will be a Ford Shelby Mustang (pictured above, please click on the photo to view full image). So no Trans Am!

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Sens On A Slump

What’s happening to the Ottawa Senators? The best team in the league is losing games and leaking goals! We have lost to Buffalo 2-4 on the 21st of this month and then the next night lost an overtime game to Pittsburgh. Two nights later it was a 3-4 loss to Philly.

A gap of three days should have done us good but on the 28th, we lost a fantastic game in overtime to the New York Islanders. And they never beat us! Ever! And just in the last few minutes, the Sens lost 5-6 to Nashville. What is happening?