I just don’t know what it is with me. But once in a while I get a shock from some objects that are normally not supposed to give you a shock. Its not major, nothing to knock me off my feet and fry my brains. Instead its just a little jolt of electric current! And the funny thing is, no one else seems to get a shock from the object! I’m like what the fuck! Its funny and at the same time it pisses me off and mystifies me at the same time.

I’ll give you an example : I lived in Bangalore for a year when I was about 19 and I stayed in a hostel during that year. Every Saturday I would go for dinner at a small restaurant nearby and then go to a shop on the side of the road to make a long distance call to either my parents or my then girlfriend. They had a telephone booth that was fixed towards the entrance of the shop. Most weeks when I went there I used to get a little jolt of electricity, a mild shock as I opened the door. The lady who owned the shop would find it amusing that only I used to get a shock and no one else. Every week when I approached the shop, she would wait until I opened the door of the booth and check to see if I made a sudden movement, which would mean that I got the shock.

The same way, yesterday and today I got little a shock as I opened the doors to one of the training rooms in which I was taking a new batch. This is so ridiculous! Why the heck am I the only one to get a shock? I made 4 other people to open the door and none got any kind of reaction.

What is wrong with me? Or don’t tell me that inanimate objects are attracted to me! :P