Memories Of Calicut

I might be going up to Calicut next week with a couple of my colleagues to attend a reunion concert of old Kerala rock band icons 13 AD. The concert is also for the benefit of the Eye Care Foundation and we just need an excuse to rock our asses off. So I hope that we can make it there and since the 19th is a holiday, we see no reason why we can’t go there and have some fun.

roxanne online download Making the plans for going to Calicut started making me think about the 8 months that I spent in that city. Despite the problems with the company that I had joined and the fact that we were not getting paid for our troubles, I still hold mostly fond memories of the place. After I quit the company and packed my bags for home, I went back to Calicut twice. The first was just for 24 hours but the next time was for three days and I had a lot of fun there. Three whole days in which to spend with my friends Mujeeb, Anoop & Shinu and a few bottles of White Mischief vodka.

I’m going to try to post about a few events that happened during my 8 months stay in the city of Calicut over the next few days, hopefully leading up to the 19th and my visiting the city again. That’s a city that I could move permanently to. Yeah I like Calicut a lot!