Yeah, I wish it were a ball or something else that had bounced. But alas, it was the dreaded CHEQUE bounce! I rarely ever drop cheques as a form of payments. However I did have to do it that way for renewing my domain name account. Since the guy who runs it is a friend of my cousin Raju, he was arranging things for me. I sent him a cheque on the 5th of November and he confirmed that he got it on the 8th of November. However, it seems, due to some reasons he only presented it to the bank on the 24th of that month!

I checked my bank statements – I withdrew the Rs.1400 that was left in my account on the 22nd of November, so yeah if he presented it on the 24th, the cheque would have bounced as there was no money in it at that point of time. But why did he wait so long? Is it my fault? And why did I get to know about it only by 10:00 pm tonight, over a month and a half later? Why did my bank not inform me about the same.

I called the guy back (he has sent me an e-mail) and sorted it out. He will get back to me later tomorrow or the day after, once he re-presents the cheque. I hope things get sorted out. I do not like defaulting on my payments, but I can’t take the blame for this one.