Fractured Rosh

The Rosh in this post is not me but another Rosh! Yes, there’s another Rosh in the family. My cousin Roshni – she is my mom’s brother’s (the 7th brother) daughter and she’s about 15 years old! I think!

Well Roshni was at the temple near her house today and it was crowded as hell. As she tried to make her way back, she was pushed and she fell and fractured her foot! (Temple = place of worship)

It’s only a hairline fracture but she will be out of commission for the next 6 weeks and going to school is not an option during those 6 weeks. My mom & sister and several others had gone to see her. I only came to know about it after I reached home. Guess I;ll go see her during the weekend and get her something to cheer her up.