I’ve Made It For A Year

I made it! Somehow I made it! Today marks my first year at my current company. January 17th, 2007 I was inducted into their rolls as soon as my quick interview and tests were completed. Along with me were a huge bunch of people but there;s only about 12 or 15 left. I went to the hotel they were conduction the induction at 9 am and left it only at 10:30 pm. Since then its been a virtual roller coaster of a ride with more drama than you can keep track off. Seriously, tv soaps couldn’t hold a candle to the stuff that goes on here!I remember the easy going training that we had for a month, dinner for a week at an expensive restaurant, the fun we had during the initial stages and the tough time some of us had in training the new batches at the temp facility. The feeling of being lost I had when I first started going to the new offices (where I am now) and the resignation letter that I wrote but never handed over in April and the numerous things that have happened since then. Sheesh, man when I think back, has it only been a year? Seems longer. Anyway, we have a small party at the office tomorrow in honour that achievement.


I chose to use Jim Carrey’s somewhat sarcastic comment of something that sucked in the movie Bruce Almighty as my entry title- when something happened that he didn’t like, he exclaimed “B e a utiful”!

passengers movie download The reason I am saying the same term? I woke up today, switched on the news on the telly as my coffee was being made and saw the first thing I saw was images of the tribal Adivasi woman in Assam, who was stripped in public during a protest and kicked by rioters, which happened a while ago. But more images were only being released now, as one onlooker had said, many people had clicked some photos on their cell phones and might have been scared to come forth and show it to the cops or the newspapers.

So I went back to my room to switch on my pc and chatted with my aunt & a friend for a while and then opened my windows to let the cool morning air rush in and breath some fresh air, having spent the night with the windows closed (or else my blood will be sucked dry by the mosquitoes). I stretched my arms out and took in the cool breeze and thought it was a glorious morning – the sunlight was golden, the air was cool and then I looked down! Garbage dumps, papers & waste food littered, an old building being destroyed hence broken bricks and glass scattered on the side of the road!

Let’s say it together now – B E A UTIFUL!