Maybe You Should Drive – Barenaked Ladies

Maybe You Should Drive was the second full length album released by the Toronto quintet, The Barenaked Ladies, in 1994. It has gone double platinum in Canada and it was also their first album to chart in the US. Following their popular debut in Canada was a tough task but these guys did it by expanding their muses and looking for different themes. Three or four songs from this album are general fan favourites and the band usually play them at almost every concert venue. This was also original keyboardist Andrew Creegan’s last album with the band as he left BNL after the release of the album to enroll into McGill University and enhance his skills. Andy still is on good terms with the band and has recorded 4 albums with his brother Jim, who is the bassist in BNL.

The album starts with Jane; The title character is “Jane St. Clair”, and is named after the intersection of Jane Street and St. Clair Avenue in Toronto. The song is a ballad that is funny at places about an immature love relationship. Intermittently, a song about unfaithfulness from the singer as he can’t seem to chose between two girls, follows. Live fav These Apples is the next track, about feeling strange after a friend starts showing a more serious interest in the protagonist.

A friend brought me flowers, she said they were lilacs
But I’ve never been good with plants
Her next presentation, a new dictionary
She’d circled the word “romance”
So enthusiastic, a little bit drastic
I shaved her name in my head
And as she beheld it, she said I misspelled it;
Need more be said!

Following the theme of imperfect relationships comes You’ll Be Waiting. A is a silly song by the band, using the letter A to come up with various descriptions about the singer. Everything Old Is New Again is a nostalgic look at life and the choices we make and how things affect our lives. Since it was released Alternative Girlfriend has been a crowd favourite and a staple of their live shows. Its about a different kind of relationship or a different girl, compared to what the singer has been used to.

Another song about relationships is Am I The Only One precedes the interlude that is Little Tiny Song. The cheerfully optimistic about love Life In A Nutshell is next. Differences and different interests don’t come in the way of true love. The Wrong Man Was Convicted & The Great Provider conclude this really good album, mainly about relationships, the title of which seems to imply what a person would say to his / her spouse when being critized about his / her driving.