Taj Screws Us Over Ticket Prices

So I told you about the concert that we were supposed to go to in Calicut and that we changed our plans because the same band, 13 AD, were also going to play in Cochin on the 26th. Why would we want to spend 5 hours traveling up to Calicut & 5 hours back to watch a band that was going to play in our own city a week later? Why indeed, so all of us decided to skip the show in Calicut and wait a week for the show in Cochin.

We got screwed! I saw in the papers that the show was to be held at the Taj Residency hotel (they have a hall there) in Marine Drive. And when we checked today about tickets, we came to know that it would be Rs.1000 for tickets for single and Rs.1500 if you are a couple coming for the show! What the fuck? Who is going to pay Rs.1000 for a local band that has never made it big outside here? I thought it would be fun to go and see them play live (I’ve seen them once way back in 1992) and have some fun screaming songs with my friends from work.

The Calicut show only cost Rs.100 for a ticket! What a bummer! Holy crap! I can’t believe it and I’m sure that the show is going to be a failure as not many people are going to pay that kind of money for 13 AD. I mean, its not like they are Metallica!