The Return Of BRSC Man

crossroads movie download He’s back! I knew I’d see him someday but I didn’t think that it would be this long. I did live close to his area after all and went in the same bus route as him. So our paths should have crossed many more times. But it took until this evening…. I finally met BRSC Man again.

Ok you have to read about my introduction to him which took place in March of 2006.

I still remember him so well. I blogged about meeting & speaking with him in my previous blog.

BRSC Man or Bus Riding Social Commentator Man was in the same bus as I was in today evening. I had a doubt that it was him as he moved towards the side, on my left, and paid for his ticket. Soon enough he started talking to me about the absurdity of some procession by a political / religious group, which was causing problems for normal people. Several buses were not plying their normal routes and instead having to go round about that would cost them an hour atleast and many extra kilometers. Some buses decided that they were not going to run at all in the evening and hence the ones that did run were packed!

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We started talking about the problems that such procession creates and then I mentioned the fact that I remembered him from that day, all those months ago. He remembered me too and we continued our chat. He is a non-political atheist like myself, just wanting to get home after he had to go to visit a sick relative and worried about what hour he was was gonna get back. Why can’t the stupid political parties and religious fuck alls just leave the rest of us alone and not trouble us by blocking our roads and restricting us from what we should be allowed to do? I don’t think thats possible cause for that to happen these idiots will have to grow a brain!