Arsenal 3 Fulham 0

They might not still be on top of the league, having lost the grip on top spot to Manchester United last week, but Arsenal still cruised to victory over Fulham away at Craven Cottage. Emmanuel Adebayor contributed two headed goals put the Gunners in front and Czech winger Tomas Rosicky volleyed home a well-worked third late on to clinch the win. Arsenal are now unbeaten in 11 games  and behind United only on goal difference and have Chelsea just behind them.

Manchester struggled against a tough attack-minded Reading side but still managed to get a 2-0 victory with Ronaldo working his socks off. Tottenham Hotspurs continue their recovery by beating Sunderland 2-0, while third place Chelsea struggled to beat Birmingham 1-0 and Newcastle United drew 0-0 with Bolton.

Has Been – William Shatner

William Shatner, most famous for his tv icon role as Captain James T Kirk in Star Trek, as the eponymous T J Hooker & his current role as Denny Crane in Boston Legal is also a musician, bestselling author, producer, director, and celebrity pitchman. His second solo album Has Been, released in 2004, was a success for him, reaching the # 22 spot on the US Charts. The album contains 11 songs, delivered in his trademark spoken word style, that mainly centers around Shatner’s often melancholy and regretful autobiographical ruminations, and features a number of prestigious guest artists such as Aimee Mann, Lemon Jelly, Henry Rollins, Brad Paisley and Joe Jackson. The album was arranged by Ben Folds.

The album stars with a cover of Pulp’s Common People, which has some lines sung by Joe Jackson. But the album gem is the second track and the only one which I had heard before getting the whole album. It Still Hasn’t Happened Yet is a melancholic look at someone’s career (Shatner’s own during his leanest years perhaps?) and the fact that he still hasn’t achieved what he set out to be and is now a lonely person with time running out for him. The music by Ben Folds is haunting and in the background you can hear a women humming the music to great effect.

Other tracks are the non-music accompanied What Have You Don about Bill finding his wife dead in their pool and his feelings about the event. I Can’t Get Behind That is wonderment at things that people seem to like but what Shanter can’t! And joining him in the rant is Henry Rollins. You have a country semi-ballad written by Brad Paisely, who sings the chorus line in the song, especially for Shatner. The lyrics implies Shatner’s iconic status and having ‘saved worlds’ but when confronted with people who ask him to help them, he has to be apologetic and say that he is only ‘real’ and not like the hero seen on tv. The chorus goes :

And while there’s a part of me
In that guy you’ve seen
Up there on that screen
I am so much more
And I wish I knew the things you think I do
I would change this world for sure
But I eat and sleep and breathe and bleed and feel
Sorry to disappoint you
But I’m real

All in all this is a great ‘evening chaser’ of an album (by that I mean, put the album songs on in the evening, say around 5:45 pm or so and chase the evening towards night) and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the songs on it.

NDTV Office Attacked By Hindu Right Wing Party

A group of 15-20 people calling themselves the Hindu Samrajya Sena ransacked NDTV’s office in Ahmedabad for including famous painter M F Hussain in an opinion poll on Bharat Ratna.

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The Right-wing Hindu group barged into NDTV’s office, broke office furniture, destroyed studio equipment and even smashed office air-conditioners and other electrical fittings.

One of the staff members, who was in the office at the time was attacked and beaten up with hockey sticks. The group also plastered NDTV”s office with poster and banners.


I saw the office premises ransacked and office equipment smashed to bits. The Ahmadebad correspondent, though he has audio trouble, tried in vain to control his emotions at the atrocity committed in his work place and the fact that these political goons will probably go unpunished. The stupid police, whose office is just 15 minutes away, took 2 hours to get the NDTV office and that too after many calls to them. Finally it was only after calling the Police Commissioner that the ‘to protect & serve’ assholes lifted themselves off their asses and went to check on the scene of the crime.

The woman anchor then contacted the Gujarat BJP president Parshottam Rupala, who had no interest in the matter. She contacted him as the Hindu Samrajya Sena claims to have affiliations to the RSS and thereby the BJP. But that moron, who sounded so uncouth & disinterested wanted no part of it. He said that he had never even heard of the right wing group. Yeah right! I bet he’d even say that he had never heard of his own mother, if she was guilty of a crime.

Hindu right wing assholes, why don’t you go and impale yourself on a shiva lingam!

The Proper Weekend

This week and the next, we get a two day weekend off just like most of the civilized world! That’s right, I normally work 6 days a week, sometimes I work on a Sunday and take another day off. But usually its Monday-Saturday. But because of two national holidays – Moharam this week and Republic day on the 26th – we get two consecutive Saturdays off and a proper 2 day weekend.

Wow, what have I done to deserve this! I was used to a 5 day working week for a few months in Aysha Infotech and then for the first 4 months of my 7 months in AspinWall. Then I moved to my previous company and for two years it was great – 5 day work week and my choice of any two days off in the week. The whole of 2006 I slogged for 6 days a week (sometimes I had to wait for 9 or 10 days just to get a day off) and 2007 has been Sundays off. Now I get to enjoy a 2 day weekend for a little while. I hope I remember what it feels like!

So have a great weekend guys!

I’ve Made It For A Year

I made it! Somehow I made it! Today marks my first year at my current company. January 17th, 2007 I was inducted into their rolls as soon as my quick interview and tests were completed. Along with me were a huge bunch of people but there;s only about 12 or 15 left. I went to the hotel they were conduction the induction at 9 am and left it only at 10:30 pm. Since then its been a virtual roller coaster of a ride with more drama than you can keep track off. Seriously, tv soaps couldn’t hold a candle to the stuff that goes on here!I remember the easy going training that we had for a month, dinner for a week at an expensive restaurant, the fun we had during the initial stages and the tough time some of us had in training the new batches at the temp facility. The feeling of being lost I had when I first started going to the new offices (where I am now) and the resignation letter that I wrote but never handed over in April and the numerous things that have happened since then. Sheesh, man when I think back, has it only been a year? Seems longer. Anyway, we have a small party at the office tomorrow in honour that achievement.


I chose to use Jim Carrey’s somewhat sarcastic comment of something that sucked in the movie Bruce Almighty as my entry title- when something happened that he didn’t like, he exclaimed “B e a utiful”!

passengers movie download The reason I am saying the same term? I woke up today, switched on the news on the telly as my coffee was being made and saw the first thing I saw was images of the tribal Adivasi woman in Assam, who was stripped in public during a protest and kicked by rioters, which happened a while ago. But more images were only being released now, as one onlooker had said, many people had clicked some photos on their cell phones and might have been scared to come forth and show it to the cops or the newspapers.

So I went back to my room to switch on my pc and chatted with my aunt & a friend for a while and then opened my windows to let the cool morning air rush in and breath some fresh air, having spent the night with the windows closed (or else my blood will be sucked dry by the mosquitoes). I stretched my arms out and took in the cool breeze and thought it was a glorious morning – the sunlight was golden, the air was cool and then I looked down! Garbage dumps, papers & waste food littered, an old building being destroyed hence broken bricks and glass scattered on the side of the road!

Let’s say it together now – B E A UTIFUL!

Fractured Rosh

The Rosh in this post is not me but another Rosh! Yes, there’s another Rosh in the family. My cousin Roshni – she is my mom’s brother’s (the 7th brother) daughter and she’s about 15 years old! I think!

Well Roshni was at the temple near her house today and it was crowded as hell. As she tried to make her way back, she was pushed and she fell and fractured her foot! (Temple = place of worship)

It’s only a hairline fracture but she will be out of commission for the next 6 weeks and going to school is not an option during those 6 weeks. My mom & sister and several others had gone to see her. I only came to know about it after I reached home. Guess I;ll go see her during the weekend and get her something to cheer her up.


Yeah, I wish it were a ball or something else that had bounced. But alas, it was the dreaded CHEQUE bounce! I rarely ever drop cheques as a form of payments. However I did have to do it that way for renewing my domain name account. Since the guy who runs it is a friend of my cousin Raju, he was arranging things for me. I sent him a cheque on the 5th of November and he confirmed that he got it on the 8th of November. However, it seems, due to some reasons he only presented it to the bank on the 24th of that month!

I checked my bank statements – I withdrew the Rs.1400 that was left in my account on the 22nd of November, so yeah if he presented it on the 24th, the cheque would have bounced as there was no money in it at that point of time. But why did he wait so long? Is it my fault? And why did I get to know about it only by 10:00 pm tonight, over a month and a half later? Why did my bank not inform me about the same.

I called the guy back (he has sent me an e-mail) and sorted it out. He will get back to me later tomorrow or the day after, once he re-presents the cheque. I hope things get sorted out. I do not like defaulting on my payments, but I can’t take the blame for this one.

All Of Our Names – Sarah Harmer

Having heard about Sarah Harmer for years but only getting to hear her music for the last couple, her vocals are still great enough for me to claim her as one of my favourite singers. What got me hooked on Ms. Harmer is her dreamy Silver Road off the Men With Brooms Soundtrack and also included here, on her 2004 release All Of Our Names, which she co-produced. Guest musicians on the album include Howie Beck, Gavin Brown, Jim Bryson and Ian Thornley. Harmer plays a number of instruments on the album, including guitar, bass, and drums. Her vocals have a smoky feel, almost like Joni Mitchell, to it.

The album starts off with Pendulums, comparing our lives to the movement of a pendulum – swinging one way first and then the opposite way next. Almost was a hit single for Sarah, with its breezy feel of what seems to be, infatuation and shyness to call the object of that infatuation. You can hear falling rain in the background of Greeting Card Aisle. The song’s resignation is palpable and strong over the urgent acoustic guitar line, the one that accelerates and slows like an old car in winter. Have you got me in your bleeding heart file/Next to Lady Luck?” Harmer asks. “Well this Light of your Life has drawn the blind, and you can just hear her bitter exhale of air. Bittersweet.

New Enemy is about a person asking if the other person finds a new person to hate, will he/she stop hating the singer? My fav Harmer song Silver Road is next – I’ll be way down the silver road, i’ll go Where the moon has it lit up, Turn off your headlights and go slowly, I don’t want it to let up. All I can think of is a big full moon and a clear night sky, with plenty of stars. War is the theme of the next song, Dandelions In Bullet Holes. Things To Forget follows, reminding me of a long road trip on a holiday.

Came On Lion, Took It All, Tether & Go To Sleep round out this wonderful album by the very gifted singer from Kingston, Ontario. Female singers like her are the reason why I never have to go for that JLo, Jessica Simpson or Beyonce cd – why settle for crap, when you have chocolate ;)

One Man’s Meat…

Most people who know me know that I can’t stand most pop music, bollywood songs, dumb dance music and rap. I just can’t stand it and wonder why people even bother listening to that kind of drivel. Anyway, most places in Cochin play the stupid Hindi music with its really dumb lyrics these days, whereas they would have played good rock music about 10 years ago. Kind of like evolution in reverse!

Coffee shops, music stores, offices – almost everywhere. Now I frequent a couple of music stores in the city and buy atleast one music cd or a movie from them once or twice a month. They know me by name and its good to see that they also know my taste in music. I went in to both the stores today and in one of them, I stayed for a long while, figuring out what movie or cd to buy. They were playing some stupid Hindi movie music that was pissing me off. After sometime, most of the people had left the store, except for the store guys, 3 customer and me.

Now it was pretty obvious that the other 3 customers were also into rock music. One guy had an Iron Maiden t-shirt and another had a Metallica shirt. The 3rd dude was dressed more or less like me, button down shirt and jeans. The store guys changed the music to fit the 4 of us – they put on a cd of classic rock hit singles! The 4 of us gave assuring nods towards the store guys. Now that’s what I call knowing your customer!

The Sens Beat Detroit

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The Ottawa Senators beat the Detroit Red Wings 3-2 in a match-up between the best of the East vs the best of the West and to enjoy bragging rights in what some NHL writers are calling a possible Stanley Cup final. Sens captain Daniel Alfredsson scores two power play goals, including the game winner with 2:56 remaining to lift Ottawa to a 3-2 win over the Detroit in a matchup of the league’s top two teams. Ottawa leads the Eastern Conference with 62 points, second overall to Detroit’s total of 70 atop the West. Mike Fisher also had a goal in the first period. Detroit scored twice in the third, tying it with 7:54 remaining after Senators All-Star Dany Heatley departed earlier in the period with an apparent right shoulder injury.

Steve Yzerman was honored by the Senators before the game for his recent induction into the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame. The Red Wings legend and Ottawa native dropped the puck in a ceremonial faceoff.

Two days ago the Sens beat Buffalo 3-2 in a shoot-out victory at home. Sean Donovan & Alfredsson had the regular period goals while Dean McAmmond had the winning shoot-out goal. On the 5th of this month Ottawa had a 4-3 over time victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. Randy Robitaille scores two goals (does this guy always only score two goals?), Heatley also had a goal and Fisher scored the OT winner.

Arsenal 1 Birmingham 1

Arsenal could not find the goals today and paid the price as they were held to a 1-1 draw at the Emirates stadium. Arsenal dominated the early stages but could find no way past the Blues until Stephen Kelly was adjudged by referee Phil Dowd to have fouled Eduardo in the box in the 21st minute – and Adebayor slotted in the resulting spot-kick. The Gunners could not hold their lead, though, Garry O’Connor’s header from a corner levelling the match only three minutes after the break.

Which means that Manchester United had a chance to go top of the league if they won their match against Newcastle United. And they did just that as Cristiano Ronaldo notched a goal for the Red Devils, who were in blistering form, while Carlos Tevez struck twice and Rio Ferdinand was also on target at Old Trafford as Newcastle, reeling after Harry Redknapp rejected the chance to become their manager, were dismantled after keeping their hosts goalless in the first half.

In other matches, West Ham beat Fulham 2-1, Chelsea beat Tottemham 2-0, Liverpool managed to salvage a draw against Middlesborough, Aston Villa beat Reading 3-1 and Everton beat Manchester City 1-0.

So Maybe We Might Not Go

Ok that was a quick change of plans! I was looking forward so much to the trip to Calicut on the 19th but it looks like we may not go there after all. Still want to go for the show but if, as is rumoured, 13 AD are also going to perform in a hall somewhere in Cochin, then we might save ourselves a 5 hour trip and another 5 back. I hate traveling by train and am not so fond of buses either but I would have preferred the bus. I just hate trains.

Today at the office Eldo came to let me the news that 13 AD being a Cochin band, albeit broken up for the last 13 years, would also most probably be doing a concert in town, so he wasn’t too keen on going on a trip. We discussed it and if it turns out to be true, we will skip the Calicut show and make it for the one in Cochin, which might most probably be on the 26th.

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I guess I will have to wait and see. But meanwhile, listen to their hugely popular song Ground Zero (couldn’t find the original video, this one is made by a fan).