Annoying Eye Candy

whisper movie I had a sore throat today from about the time that I woke up. Don’t know why, but I just hope that a cold and/or fever avoids me as I am in no mood to take leave from work. I went to the office at a little before 10 am but was determined to leave by 6 in the evening. I tried doing as much as I could until 6 and then made my way out of the office and onto the bus stop.

I went to Cafe Coffee Day, thinking that a nice hot cup of coffee would be the best way to relax and so I entered their establishments with that in mind. The place was a little crowded but I found a couple of empty seats and I proceeded to take one near the staircase. Right behind me were a group of 8 girls who were obviously from the Northern or middle part of India. They all spoke fluent Hindi and were dressed like the girls from there. The 8 of them were babes, I must say, although a little too heavy on the makeup.

However they were quite annoyingly loud and obnoxious. The music was on loud and to compensate these chicks were even more louder and laughing in such a dumb manner. I wanted to turn back and tell them to shut the hell up and let me drink my cafe mocha in peace. I didn’t stay long because of the noise and decided to head for home after 20 minutes.

Memories Of Calicut

I might be going up to Calicut next week with a couple of my colleagues to attend a reunion concert of old Kerala rock band icons 13 AD. The concert is also for the benefit of the Eye Care Foundation and we just need an excuse to rock our asses off. So I hope that we can make it there and since the 19th is a holiday, we see no reason why we can’t go there and have some fun.

roxanne online download Making the plans for going to Calicut started making me think about the 8 months that I spent in that city. Despite the problems with the company that I had joined and the fact that we were not getting paid for our troubles, I still hold mostly fond memories of the place. After I quit the company and packed my bags for home, I went back to Calicut twice. The first was just for 24 hours but the next time was for three days and I had a lot of fun there. Three whole days in which to spend with my friends Mujeeb, Anoop & Shinu and a few bottles of White Mischief vodka.

I’m going to try to post about a few events that happened during my 8 months stay in the city of Calicut over the next few days, hopefully leading up to the 19th and my visiting the city again. That’s a city that I could move permanently to. Yeah I like Calicut a lot!

Bong Vodka

How cool are these designer bottles? Designed by some very talented artists, the bottles are of Bong Vodka, made in Holland. Bong Spirit Vodka is only the first product of a new collaborative, the BONG SPIRIT COMPANY. Bong Spirit is a lifestyle that represents self-expression, individuality, with a big nod to the creative arts. It’s about hanging out, listening to your friends perform, spinning records, landing big maneuvers, meeting new people, traveling to new places, all in the name of having fun. The vodka in the bottle comes from a Dutch family that has been producing spirits in Holland for over 150 years. They had previously never distributed it outside of Holland.

Drinks @ Malabar House

So I just wrapped up another Preprocess Training batch, which consisted of 12 new trainees and I am a little concerned about their caliber. I had to eliminate two candidates because a) they weren’t putting in any effort and b) I was worried that they weren’t suitable, especially the lady. So I finished the assessments and completed my report and mailed it and just as I was completing it, Anil called me up to ask if I was game for a few drinks at Malabar House. I checked to see if I was needed and to see if I could take my weekly off today instead of last Sunday and called him back to say yes.

We agreed on meeting up at Marine Drive and he was waiting outside Coffee Beans for me. We went on his bike to Shenoys junction so that I could take some cash out of the ICICI bank ATM next to the petrol bunk at the junction. While there I saw this girl who I kept staring at, cause I knew that I have met her before. I was hoping that she would look at me and remember me because I sure couldn’t remember from where I know her! I kept trying to come into her view but she was with another girl and they were talking and it looked like a serious conversation so I didn’t want to disturb them. Oh well, she left the ATM with the other girl and then got into an auto, so that was that.

Well as usual, Anil & I went to the rooftop garden bar @ Malabar House and ordered the usual drinks – 2 brandys for him & 2 vodkas for me. We chatted about his girl problems and about Madhu and about stuff that has been happening. We had some pork, cauliflaur, fish & egg and some peanuts. The fish was the best of the lot and we ordered some more drinks too and split a bowl of soup. We ended the evening at Caravan by having an icecream cone for desert and then headed to our respective homes.

I came home and fell asleep almost instantaneously and I woke up with a bloody hangover. So I canceled my plans of going out today and enjoying the city and a little shopping and decided to stay back in and relax.

Indian Road Traffic

First read Mike Boon‘s post on Indian traffic and watch the clip that he has embedded in it. He had wanted his “one regular reader who lives in India” to give a response to that. So I obliged!

Your “one regular reader of this blog lives in India” has woken up and is going to “chime” in and explain how it works!Mike, its all about where you live and what u have there. The roads are smaller, the British left us with a bitch called bureaucracy and we fed it with steroids. The roads are really bad in some areas and the local bus, taxi & auto drivers here will find driving in a western country a piece of cake! He may even find it a bit boring.

The clip is probably taken in mid-India although I can’t be sure. Organized chaos is right! But that’s the way most cities & towns are in India. You have to learn to go with the flow. My city is terrible at times; you can wait for an hour to cross the roads and get to the other sides. We are a huge population, over-populated in a country which suddenly does not look that big compared to her citizens. Maybe we can start sending some more Indians to Canada to fill in those wide open areas, eh? And let’s start with me! I wish, lol!
So that’s it, too many people, too many bikes, scooters, cars, buses, trucks, autorickshaws, cows, dogs, cats……, is it a wonder that I don’t drive?

Sorry that the comment is too long.

The Holy Grail

The rules of drinking Vodka Russian style are :

1. Vodka is to be drunk always as a shot, never sipped.
2. Vodka is to be drunk always in company, consisting of at least three persons (called a troika, I believe).
3. Vodka is to be drunk with a proper toast preceding the shot, by which we mean that the toast should be a narrative, the more elaborate the better; it is unacceptable to simple state: “cheers” or any such vapid niceties.
4. The drinking of vodka must be follow with a bite of food, preferably a piece of blini or a pickle.
5. Finally, when one person proposes a toast, nobody is allowed to refuse to drink.

Coffee Cartoons

If you are like me, you need your coffee – morning, noon & evening. I love my coffee, whether it is made at home or whether it is made in a coffee shop. I mark in my mind the small shops where they happen to make good coffee (instant or brewed) so whenever the need for a ‘fix’ comes, I am not lost.

So if you are like me, you will appreciate the 2008 Sketchtoon Coffee Calendar designed by a guy called Mike Rohde.

One Year Ago on Jan 5th

One year ago on Jan 5th, I had given my resignation letter for quitting my previous job as I got it confirmed that I was getting my current job. I stayed back at the old job until the 11th of January, unable to complete a 15 day notice period but more just to spend some time with my friends at the office. I left on good terms with most of them and that was very important for me.

I can remember my elation as I got the offer letter for my current job (it would change a bit in a few days, the offer I mean) and the fact that I would finally be getting a little more decent pay that the peanuts that I was stuck with for 3 years. I was feeling a bit more free and felt that I could hold my head high now. But I was also sad and scared – sad that the amount of time & energy that I put in my previous company was not bearing me any fruit, although they got a lot from me & scared because of the uncertainty that stood in front of me in the form of a new company where I knew almost no one. That would come to haunt me for a few days but would get fixed soon.

Anyway, I do miss the people at my previous firm.

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Sens Update – Jan 5th

Despite blowing a 3 goal lead, the Ottawa Senators stayed firm to collect the win over the Buffalo Sabres. Dany Heatley and Daniel Alfredsson scored late in the third period and Ottawa beat Buffalo 5-3 on Friday night to hand the Sabres their season-worst fifth straight loss. Jason Spezza and Andrej Meszaros each added a goal and an assist for the Senators, who snapped a two-game skid and won for the fourth time in six games. Ray Emery made 36 saves and Cody Bass scored his first NHL goal. Ottawa owns the best road record in the Eastern Conference (14-4-2), thanks in large part to Heatley and Alfredsson, who have 24 & 25 goals respectively.

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The new year did not start appropriately for the Sens as they lost away to Washington 3-6. Chris Neil, Dean McAmmond & Meszaros had the goals in that one, as the Capitals continue to dominate us. Three days before that the Caps beat the Sena 8-6 in Ottawa, in a match which saw Alexander Ovechkin score 4 goals & where Sens players Alfredsson scored 2 goals and Mike Fisher score 3 goals.

A day before that on the 27th of December, Jason Spezza, Alfredsson, Antoine Vermette, Nick Foligno & Fisher scored a goal each to enable Ottawa to beat the New York Islander 5-2.

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I just don’t know what it is with me. But once in a while I get a shock from some objects that are normally not supposed to give you a shock. Its not major, nothing to knock me off my feet and fry my brains. Instead its just a little jolt of electric current! And the funny thing is, no one else seems to get a shock from the object! I’m like what the fuck! Its funny and at the same time it pisses me off and mystifies me at the same time.

I’ll give you an example : I lived in Bangalore for a year when I was about 19 and I stayed in a hostel during that year. Every Saturday I would go for dinner at a small restaurant nearby and then go to a shop on the side of the road to make a long distance call to either my parents or my then girlfriend. They had a telephone booth that was fixed towards the entrance of the shop. Most weeks when I went there I used to get a little jolt of electricity, a mild shock as I opened the door. The lady who owned the shop would find it amusing that only I used to get a shock and no one else. Every week when I approached the shop, she would wait until I opened the door of the booth and check to see if I made a sudden movement, which would mean that I got the shock.

The same way, yesterday and today I got little a shock as I opened the doors to one of the training rooms in which I was taking a new batch. This is so ridiculous! Why the heck am I the only one to get a shock? I made 4 other people to open the door and none got any kind of reaction.

What is wrong with me? Or don’t tell me that inanimate objects are attracted to me! :P

Happy First Blogaversary

Happy Blogaversary to me! Technically I finished setting up this blog at 11:49 am on the 1st of January, 2007. I had already entered the first 2 posts in my old blogger site

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and then copied it over here by the early hours of 2-1-2007. So my first actual entry in this, my beloved blog, was on the 2nd, so today she & I celebrate 1 year of blogging together!

We’ve been through some fun times, some sad times, some drunk times, some euphoric times, some heart-breaking and really tough times. I have entered some really personal stuff over here, some things that took an emotional toll on me. There’s still more such stuff to get through, how I feel about certain things and all that jazz. Some of you have been through it with me and I thank the handful of people who keep coming back. I also thank those people who have inspired me with their own posts.

There’s been 728 posts and 330 comments (not so many comments, some of them are my replies, so keep them coming people, I’d love to hear from you).
So thanks and won’t you join me in this celebration?

Happy birthday blog!