A Day Without Coffee

This is about yesterday and not today. As I was sick and all pukey, I didn’t have anything to drink, just little sips of water. I was advised not to drink any coffee and maybe to have lemon tea in the late evening if I was feeling much better. I didn’t have the tea as I do not really like it and I didn’t have any coffee at all yesterday. I wanted to, you know, but my situation didn’t warrant it and I kept away from it.

No coffee for an entire day, 24 hours! What was that like? For a guy who usually has between 3 to 5 cups on a daily basis, it is strange not to have any at all. I was tempted to have atleast one black cup of coffee but I stayed away just by thinking about all the puking that I did. However, today it was back to normal – 4 cups.

Coffee, let you and me never stay apart for so long again.