What Are You Looking Forward To The Most?

What are you looking forward to? A new day? The weekend? the return of a loved one? the promise of a new love/relationship? A birthday? A promised gift? A promotion? A raise? A concert? A presentation? An announcement? A commitment? An arrival? A departure? A purchase? a car? a bike? a truck? a house? an apartment? a book? a tv? an mp3 player? a pc? a laptop? a dvd player? a cell phone? a feast? some food? some drink? some drugs? an engagement? a wedding? a birth? a death? a funeral? a graduation? a party? a competition? a sports event? a showdown? a comedown? a comeback? a movie? a song? a play? a high? a low? a beginning? an end?

I can’t think of anything else right now. So what are You looking forward to the most? Me, I just want to get through the day, one at a time.