ReGenesis is a Canadian tv series based in Toronto about a group of scientists who work for NorBAC (The North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission), a fictional organisation. The organisation deals with problems throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The series is primarily about NorBAC’s director, David Sandstr√ɬ∂m (played by Peter Outerbridge), and his work with the other scientists. Through this character the show often addresses topical social, political and ethical issues related to the science at hand.

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Helping Dr.Sandstrom are Carlos Serranno (Conrad Pla), Mayko Tran (Mayko Nguyen), Bob Melnikov (Dmitry Chepovetsky), Rachel Woods (Wendy Crewson) & . Caroline Morrison (Maxim Roy) played the Executive Director for the 1st two seasons, while Jill Langston (Sarah Strange) played the lead virologist for the same. Jill was replaced by Rachel Woods (Wendy Crewson) & her husband is the science advisor to the White House Carleton Riddlemeyer (Geraint Wyn Davies). Weston Field (Greg Bryk) becomes the interim Director NorBac once Morrison leaves.

Outerbridge plays Dr.Sandstrom as an arrogant but good hearted brilliant scientist, with numerous flaws, unable to commit himself to a single woman and a self-confessed lousy father. He forgets to pick up his visiting daughter from the airport, annoys people with his raw truths but is loyal to those who work with him.

I just bought the complete first season on DVD last evening and I am enjoying watching the 13 episodes that it contains.