I Heart The Internet

I came home thinking about the details of the previous post. I didn’t spend any time today with the person as I was in training all day and I left after sending my reports. I got into the bus along with one of my friends and played some songs on my ipod. I got down at Kacheripady and walked back home only stopping to buy some bread. Waiting for me was the envelope that I had been looking forward to. I got paid for the little project (I do not want to mention what it was for, but you can see it in my website). I kept thinking that it was nothing but a scam or someone playing a trick on me even if the company seemed to be on the level when I checked out their website. So I was thinking that it was a wishful thinking on my part to think that I would actually get paid for doing so little.

But I now have the check in my hand. The money, when converted from American dollars into Indian Rupees is just Rs.700 shorter than my usual monthly salary and so its a huge deal for me. That is so great. I’m gonna treat some of my friends and then get that external hard drive that I really want or a spanking new mobile phone. I could also use some new clothes. I’ll decide once I get the cash into my bank account. Thank you Ian and thank you to the company and thank you internet. I just love the internet.

A Wrong Turn

Today morning as I was having my coffee and then while in the shower, I was thinking about something. Someone who I am close and quite friendly with has this habit of making fun of my weight. Now, normally I am quite used to it, even if I do get embarrassed, I normally don’t hold a grudge. But this person does it when the both of us meet the new joinees to our company for the very first time. This has happened a couple of times during the last few inductions. I’m sure she has no mean intentions. And I know that I should be used to people making fun of me because I am fat. But I felt bad that it was done on the very first day that we meet the new joinees, some of whom I would be training.

I didn’t say anything the first couple of times but I kept thinking about it today morning. So I typed an email to this person, who is my senior in the company, asking her if that was really necessary and that I didn’t mind if it was front of people I was comfortable with. I got a reply back a little later that the point was noted and that it wouldn’t happen again. But my question is : should I have not said anything? I mean, is that person going to stop being free with me because of this? I dunno if she is, but I have a feeling that it is going to be so.

The thing is, fat people have feelings too.