Unexpected Booze

Normal day at the office, although I went a bit behind schedule during my training. After work I wanted to go over to the main office of ICICI bank in order to deposit the cheque and give a request for foreign exchange (as the cheque was in USD). I filled the form and did the formalities and then walked towards my apartment. I then realized that it was 7:40 pm and I was hungry. I called my friend Anil, who was already sitting in Malabar House with a couple of drinks in front of him. So I decided to join him and quickly made my way there.

I ordered vodka and we had some veggie food and chatted for sometime about a lot of stuff. I told him about my futuristic dream about us being alive 5000 years from now and him, Madhu & myself going to a small uninhabited planet, which had lots of green meadows, lakes & a breezy location, setting up a table and some comfy chairs and having a few drinks and some good food. I think he liked the idea almost as well as I did.

Now to find a spaceship! The food & booze is easier to find.