ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Valentine Day Songs

  • Always With You, Always With Me – Joe Satriani
  • To Be With You – Mr.Big
  • More Than Words – Extreme
  • You’re All I Need – White Lion
  • What A Good Boy – Barenaked Ladies
  • Heaven – Bryan Adams
  • Love Song – 311
  • Green Apples – Chantal Kreviazuk
  • Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
  • Lady In Red – Chris De Burg
  • I Live My Life For You – Firehouse

Strange Beautiful Music – Joe Satriani

The greatest guitar instrumentalist in the world, Joe Satriani, released this album in 2002. I had this on cassette but it got spoiled and now I have it in mp3 format after a long wait. Most consider Surfing With The Alien to be Satriani’s best work and either The Extremist or Flying In A Blue Dream to be the next best. For me The Extremist is the best and this one, Strange Beautiful Music to be the second best. Atleast as far as favourite Satriani albums are considered, this one is second in my list. One reason is that there 14 songs on it and I can’t find any weak ones among them. After his dabbling with electronica on 2000’s Engines Of Creation, Joe returns to the bread-and-butter of straight-forward instrumental virtuosity with a few exotic nuances sprinkled throughout.

The album starts with the sinister sounding yet ultra-cool Oriental Melody, which has some South-East Asian influences. One of my fav tracks of Satriani is Belly Dancer in which fat guitar tones mix with Middle Eastern-flavored chord progressions in an intriguing mix. rejoice over the return of this prodigal son once they hear the thundering riffage of Mind Storm, hook-filled New Last Jam and sassy snap of Hill Groove.

The ballads are there and about as melodious as you can expect – Starry Night is obviously the best track on the cd. Then you have You Saved My Life & a gorgeous cover of the Santo and Johnny ’50s hit Sleep Walk featuring a cameo by Robert Fripp, a guitar god in his own right. One of the few times that Joe experiments with a 7 string guitar is on Seven String.

I think anyone who likes good rock music & guitar rock music should go and buy this one. You get 14 great tracks and an everlasting admiration for one of rock’s best & greatest! Here’s a live rendition of Belly Dancer.

All Men Have Some – In Music Stores Near You

I stole this from Crazy Ass Planet who stole it from Scarlet Hip, who stole it from Ubermilf, who stole it from someone else to infinity! I hope you do the same.
Be a rock star! Go to…

The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4. Use your graphics program of choice to throw them together, and post the result as a comment in this post.

Here is mine:

All Men Have Some by Predator Conservation Alliance

Sens Exchange Players With Hurricanes

The trade deadline is on the 26th of the month, however, the Ottawa Senators have already dealt a huge trade that involves 4 players. They might not have been in my top 10 of players I wanted to see in a Sens jersey but they are mighty close. Senators GM Bryan Murray announced the trade that brought in winger Cory Stillman and defenceman Mike Commodore from the Carolina Hurricanes and sent defenceman Joe Corvo & winger Patrick Eaves in return in a message to the NHL that Ottawa means to win the cup. The 34-year-old Stillman, from Peterborough, Ontario, won championships in consecutive seasons, with Tampa Bay in 2003-04 and then, after the lockout year, with Carolina in 2005-06, when he had 26 points (nine goals) in 25 playoff games. Stillman will be put on a line with fellow Peterborough product Mike Fisher.

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Mike Commodore also reached the 2004 & 06 finals – in the first he was part of the Calgary Flames team that lost to Stillman and Tampa. He then joined Stillman at Carolina to hoist Stanley up in 2006. The immediate plan for Commodore is to pair him with Wade Redden in an all-Western Canadian tandem.Commodore, a 28-year-old who stands 6-foot-5 and weighs 230 lbs., also won a Cup with Carolina and made it to the finals against Stillman’s Lightning four years ago as a member of the Calgary Flames. You may remember his big red afro and the legions of fans along the Red Mile who wore flamboyant wigs in his honour. The new duo are expected to be in the lineup tonight when the Senators take on the Buffalo Sabres at Scotiabank Place.

Oh The Pain, The Pain!

I am in pain folks! And I am learning to type with just my right hand for the day. I injured myself while coming home last night. I left the office at 8 pm and walked across the road and then walked on the railway cross. If you remember reading a few of my earlier posts from last year, and one this year, you would know that I have had a few close calls while walking on it. Also I would have mentioned the few deaths that have happened by people who were not too careful while crossing it or who jumped to their deaths in that same area.

So, I was walking across it and then a little forward until I get to the path leading to the main road. It was quite dark, no one was with me and all I had as a form of light was the glow of my cell phone. I had done this many, many times over the last year or so. But last night, I tripped on a big rock and one of the planks that lies between the rails and fell onto the track. Hard! I hit a few hard sharp stones (that big shale or grey colour kind), my glasses slipped off my face, my phone fell away from me. It landed in three pieces – the main part, the battery and the battery flap.

Me, I was still in one piece but hurting pretty badly, especially my left arm, between my shoulder and my elbow. I groaned and moaned once or twice (only sexual groaning & moaning is acceptable, I might add) and then looked for my glasses. I found them and then looked for my phone. I managed to get all three pieces and its got to mentioned that the damn phone is working! No problems what so ever! Thank you Samsung! I picked up my bag and dragged myself back to the road and took a bus back home. My arm was burning in pain and I feared that I had a fracture. It was swollen a bit and hurt when I moved it.

So I went to the hospital near my home and had an x-ray done on my arm. No fractures. They gave me a shot (on the bum) and some painkillers and said to rest for a day or two and the pain should go away. I came back home and took the pills and then slept for 8 hours. Today, nothing much on my mind. I took the day off from work, watched the remaining 4 episodes of ReGenesis from that DVD that I bought and listened to some music while I had my coffee.


ReGenesis is a Canadian tv series based in Toronto about a group of scientists who work for NorBAC (The North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission), a fictional organisation. The organisation deals with problems throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The series is primarily about NorBAC’s director, David Sandström (played by Peter Outerbridge), and his work with the other scientists. Through this character the show often addresses topical social, political and ethical issues related to the science at hand.

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Helping Dr.Sandstrom are Carlos Serranno (Conrad Pla), Mayko Tran (Mayko Nguyen), Bob Melnikov (Dmitry Chepovetsky), Rachel Woods (Wendy Crewson) & . Caroline Morrison (Maxim Roy) played the Executive Director for the 1st two seasons, while Jill Langston (Sarah Strange) played the lead virologist for the same. Jill was replaced by Rachel Woods (Wendy Crewson) & her husband is the science advisor to the White House Carleton Riddlemeyer (Geraint Wyn Davies). Weston Field (Greg Bryk) becomes the interim Director NorBac once Morrison leaves.

Outerbridge plays Dr.Sandstrom as an arrogant but good hearted brilliant scientist, with numerous flaws, unable to commit himself to a single woman and a self-confessed lousy father. He forgets to pick up his visiting daughter from the airport, annoys people with his raw truths but is loyal to those who work with him.

I just bought the complete first season on DVD last evening and I am enjoying watching the 13 episodes that it contains.

Movie Shopping

At the end of, what has been atleast for me, a long, hectic & stressful week I just wanted to get it over with and relax. Funny thing is my Saturday was much easier in comparison. I finished all of my work by 1 pm and went for lunch with some of my colleagues. After coming back it got so boring and dull that I almost dozed off. By 3:30 pm however, the HR team had planned a little fun for some of us and we played a game of Bingo!

That and some coffee woke me up and I continued at my work for some time until 5:30 pm and quitting time. Then I took a bus to Menaka stop and went into Penta Menaka to find the store that I heard was selling dvds at cheaper rates. I wanted to expand my movie collection but I didn’t want to break my bank account doing so. So I found the place and searched through their catalog for some movies to take home. Here is what I saw and what I bought. The first three are obscure movies, a trilogy based on an obscure author’s obscure book!

I had wanted to own the The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and had skipped watching them on HBO to get them together and watch them one after another. I couldn’t see them at the movie theatres here because as far as English movie are concerned the theatre scene sucks and blows! Then when I saw that they had copies of Serenity I so wanted it and got one of that. Some of my readers will remember my review of the movie which you can find here. They also had some dvds of some tv series but the only one I wanted was Regenesis; there was a dvd of the first season.

Then the guy at the counter told me that they had some mp3 cds and some gaming cds as well. I browsed through those titles and asked the guy if he had a copy of NHL 08. This and the FIFA (both from EA) were the only ones I was interested in. He had a copy of it so I bought that as well. The whole stuff cost me Rs.700 whereas I would have to pay 3 times that at the other stores. All in all a good deal.

Rain In Feb?

I wanted to post this last night. I was lying on my bed and watching a downloaded version of Star Trek II : The Wrath Of Khan (for the third time, I might add) and had hit pause to go take a leak. Standing there relieving myself, I thought I could hear the sound of rain falling. I thought to myself, “It can’t be right. It’s only February!”. I went back to my room and checked out scene beyond the windows and saw that what I had heard was right – it was raining! And rain is welcome in Cochin, so I was happy. Let the sweet rain quech the dust ridden roads of my hometown and refresh the tired trees & other plants.

I kept the windows open – bad idea since the mosquitos were biting inspite of the wind & rain. Usually they don’t come around you when it rains. Maybe they got raincoats or umbrellas or something. Some kind of protective gear. I kept watching the movie until I heard an explosion and from the corner of my eye, I could see sparks. Apparently the wind had knocked out a tree branch which feel on an electric wire and then knocked out the power to my area. Plunged in darkness, I dodged the fearce mosquitos and quickly got some protection.

I don’t mean a “rubber”! I meant a mosquito coil!

I tried going to sleep but I just couldn’t with all those mosquitos biting me. The coil did little in warding them off. I tossed and turned until the wee hours of the morning and then finally was able to sleep, although not for more than 2 hours. Cochin city looks a bit refreshed and the trees & plant life look a bit greener.

Heatley's Return Sparks Sens Win

Dany Heatley returns after 11 games and the Ottawa Senator really needs him. Heatley, coming back after injuring his shoulder, scored 2 goals on route to a much needed 5-4 win over the Florida Panthers. Christoph Schubert, Joe Corvo and Chris Phillips also scored for the Senators, who went 3-8-0 with Heatley out with a separated shoulder. Jason Spezza had three assists, while Wade Redden had two. Ray Emery had  29 saves for the Sens.

After loses in February to fellow Canadian teams, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens, this was a victory much needed to boost confidence.

Looking For Space

I am running out of space for my mp3s on my pc and I am looking to buying an external USB hard drive which I plan to use exclusively for music.

I just spoke to one of the tech guys at my office and he says that the best companies offers 80GB drives for around Rs.3000.

I should go get one by the end of the month. I would love to get a cool & nifty looking one like the SeaGate FreeAgent 250 (with 250 GB) but they probably cost a lot and are beyond my affordability range.

And SeaGate also has a 500 GB model! 500 GB! What I could store in that!

My Music Collection

When I first bought my current PC, I had roughly 3 GB of mp3s burnt on a few cds. Then I subscribed to Tata’s broadband services and started downloading mp3s, while also ripping all the cds that I had into the friendly & economic digital format. My collection grew and after just organizing the last 3 albums that I was able to download off the net, I decided to check the status.

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I now have 17.3 GB worth of mp3s spread across 4,045 files on one of my drives. My disk size space is getting replenished and its time to think of buying another drive. I plan on buying an external drive for the sole purpose of storing my mp3s. Because there’s more files coming and I don’t see it stopping any time soon. I know that 17.3 GB is not much to some guys but I’m quite proud of it.

Kick Me In The Ass

21 twenty one the movie download download syngenor movie watch cyborg online Sometimes I do things that make me wanna go “D’OH!” What? It’s now a real word! I can be a classic idiot, making stupid, stupid, stupid mistakes that I regret later. How can I do something so dumb? A moron, a jackass, a nincompoop, an idiot.

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I’ve made a couple of dumb mistakes under pressure or while in a rush lately and I feel like kicking myself when I do it. Today, I literally went into the office bathroom, locked myself in the loo and actually hit myself for being a complete dodo. I can’t believe the stupid mistake I made. I need to hit myself more so that I don’t do something as dumb as this. No excuses!

Get The Funk Out!

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download the program movie When did this reunion happen? Extreme are going to release a new album, their first since 1995’s Waiting For The Punchline. The very musically tight band, aided by some biting political songs, thoughtful lyrics, have reunited with 3/4s of their original lineup – Gary Cherone (vocals), Nuno Bettencourt (guitars) & Pat Badger (bass) – and they have brought along Kevin Figueiredo on the drums. Who? I dunno but I am excited about a new album. The band had announced in November, 2007 (where the fuck was I) that they plan to commence a world tour in Spring of 2008 and the release of an, as yet, untitled album. The original lineup of the band had come together to play a few shows in 2004 and then once again in 2006 for a 3 concert reunion but it was commonly thought that the band would never get back together properly. Never say, never!

What Are You Looking Forward To The Most?

What are you looking forward to? A new day? The weekend? the return of a loved one? the promise of a new love/relationship? A birthday? A promised gift? A promotion? A raise? A concert? A presentation? An announcement? A commitment? An arrival? A departure? A purchase? a car? a bike? a truck? a house? an apartment? a book? a tv? an mp3 player? a pc? a laptop? a dvd player? a cell phone? a feast? some food? some drink? some drugs? an engagement? a wedding? a birth? a death? a funeral? a graduation? a party? a competition? a sports event? a showdown? a comedown? a comeback? a movie? a song? a play? a high? a low? a beginning? an end?

I can’t think of anything else right now. So what are You looking forward to the most? Me, I just want to get through the day, one at a time.