Cosmic Troubadour

When I think of the world’s best rock bass players, Billy Sheehan is one of the top 5 names to immediately come to my mind. He is one of the best, if not the best, bassists to have ever played. Billy has been called the ‘Eddie Van Halen’ of bass, but since the first really great guitarist that he has played with was Steve Vai, I often refer to him as the bass world’s equivalent of Vai. Having played with Talas, Mr. Big, Niacin, David Lee Roth & Steve Vai, Sheehan has come to be known as a real road warrior & a great musician. His second solo album Cosmic Troubadour was released in 2005 and last night and today, I was able to get a copy through an online friend of mine in Florida. Songs from the cd might be strange for the casual listener as, unlike in normal rock songs, the guitar is in the background and the bass is in the soloist (shredder) spotlight and in your face.

Toss It In The Flame starts things off with Billy singing, something he rarely does. Although he isn’t bad, the vocals pale in comparison to the man’s bass playing abilities. That being said, its a good song. Back In The Day follows; sounding a semi-Neo-Classical and traces of Dream Theatre influences. The title of the album is taken from a line in this song. The Suspense Is Killing Me comes at you with the intensity of a high speed train running off the tracks and sounding like it could belong at home in a James Bond movie soundtrack. From The Back Seat is a look at the world from a different perspective.

Don’t Look Down starts all mellow and then speeds up, with jazz tastes in the beginning. Something She Said is one of the best tracks on the cd. Up comes Dreams Of Discontent with its sci-fi soundtrack feel, definitely the album highlight along with Suspense…. Dig A Hole, Taj, The Lift, Long Walk Home, Tower In The Sky & Indisputable Truth follow.

Hope is the only ballad on the album and is one of the best instrumentals I have heard. Finally the bonus track A Million Tears Ago completes the album which showcases Billy’s indisputable talent and reputation as one of the best musicians to have come out with material during the last 20 years or more. I have had the chance to correspond with Billy via email, a couple of years ago and he is as down to earth as he is talented. For those who thought the bass can’t star in a rock album – take a listen!


Mike Myers is a comical genius of the highest order. He is best known for creating larger than life characters through which he makes the world laugh. Shrek, Wayne Campbell, Austin Powers, Fat Bastard, Dr. Evil etc. Now add to that – Pitka! In his latest movie, Myers acts as an American who was raised by gurus in India and has become a commericial love guru for the masses. This is just too funny. The Toronto Maple Leafs offer him $ 2 million to make their star player get better again by reuniting him with his estranged wife. Jessica Alba, Ben Kingsley & Vern Troyer also act in this movie. I saw the trailer on youtube and man it is hilarious. I am so looking forward to this movie, if the trailer is that funny, my side are bound to split when I see the entire film. Something I am looking forward to is the version of ‘More Than Words’ that Mike sings with a sitar! Holy shit!

Something this good must have a flaw, rite? Yes it does! Justin Timbersucks is in it! Yuck!

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Sens End 3 Game Skid

What is wrong with the Ottawa Senators? They dominated the early part of the season, along with the Detroit Red Wings, building up a very strong lead over the rest of the East. They finally lose a few matches but are still strong. Then they beat Detroit, in what was billed as a possible Stanley Cup final preview – and they went off the rails.

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The Sens lost sight of who they actually are and they started losing games. Badly. They lost 5-0 to the Toronto Maple Leafs a few games ago for crying out loud. The Leafs, who the Sens usually rake off the ice at the end of the game. They got shut out twice in a row and that almost never happens. We got some good players before the deadline, in Mike Commodore, Cory Stillman & lately Martin Lapointe. While adding size, speed & veteran leadership respectively, and not to mention 5 Stanley Cups between them, they team hasn’t been able to gel yet. Just a couple of wins recently and lost the top spot in the East to nearby rivals, The Montreal Canadiens. All is not lost, they will still make the playoffs and I prefer that they lose a few games here and win the Cup. That is most important.

Last nite they beat the Pitssburgh 5-4, with a couple of goals by captain Daniel Alfredsson and goals by Antoine Vermette, Lapointe and Dany Heatley. We need the defence to stop the goals, the offence to keep slapping in those pucks and great goaltending.