Keys + Chains

While getting ready today, I decided that the key chains to one of my cupboards in my room was too large & silly to be of any practical use. Its a plastic bubble with a form of an AC Milan jersey inside it. It looked fun to have such a key chain at the time but now it just feels silly. My apartment keys are attached to a key chain with the old Hutch logo. Then I have a bunch of keys with no key chains attached to them. Its kind of easy to keep a track of your keys if you have a key chain to go along with.

I have seen my share of key chains – cigarette shape, shaving razor shape, tennis racket, cricket bat, lighter, guitar and several other shapes. I think I need to buy a few key chains just to keep things easier to pick off doors & tables.

For Life

Learning about Jeff Healey’s death due to cancer is one thing. The fact sinking in is totally another. It makes you think. Guy, who was already blind, heavily talented, successful, helpful to other people’s careers, made a name for himself, has a loving wife & two kids, and yet he loses his life to cancer at the age of 41. Makes me ask myself “What do you have going for you?”

Also it puts another thing into perspective. My friend and colleague, who is throwing her life away for the sake of an asshole druggie & wife beater. She tried to commit suicide and she has made almost everyone hate her because of the things she has done. She knowingly went to marry this moron who has a drug taking & violent history and gets beaten up herself and then goes back for more. A few days back when she left things were hopeless, she took an overdose of pills and it was only due to her landlady’s concern that she is still breathing today.

Makes me wonder.