Cartoon Fever

The last few days I’ve been coming home late, after 11 or 12 hour work hours. I hate leaving the office that late but it was just necessary these few days. But I’m too tired to do much once I get home. Anything other than watching a bit of tv or a movie or playing some music is taxing enough. Add the fact that I’ve been losing sleep, it makes me very tired. I try to watch some wrestling or catch a tv series or some…cartoons!

So yeah, I’m 31 and I like cartoons. So sue me, eat my shorts. Not all of them, just a few that I like. Like Tom & Jerry or Popeye! Here’s Popeye with his gal Olive Oyl. We have a girl in the office who looks like Olive, with a similar nose! She kinda blushes when people call her that. So what do I do? When she passes by I go “toot, toot”!

Akakakake! Why blow me down!