Star Trek – An Atheist’s Dream

While watching the episodes of Star Trek : TNG on tv, I used to be struck by the predominant characteristic theme of atheism. In the world of Star Trek there is no need for money, materialistic possession, hunger, famine, diseases are almost non existent (other than the ones that the crew encounter on their trips) and instead there is a brotherhood of humans. And there is no god for humans! If you want to live a peaceful life bettering yourself, its possible. But from time to time, a human has been mistaken for a god.

Like in this case, Jean-Luc Picard is thought to be a God by a less advanced race. Saying he has no desire to send them back into the “Dark Ages,” Picard is determined to repair the cultural damage as much as possible while not further violating the Prime Directive. It finally takes the witnessing of the death of a human at sickbay for them to realize Picard is just as mortal as they are and that his godlike powers are nothing more than a technological advancement.

Rain Is Lovely

As I was walking back home a few minutes ago, I got the first draft of breeze that seemed to imply the promise of some rain. Further ahead, the wind picked up and I was sure that we would be blessed with the welcoming raindrops that I have been so longing for. Just as I reached my building, it started getting a little colder and I was glad that I reached the gate and did not have to dig out my umbrella in my bag. I got into my apartment, I changed my clothes, washed my face, & legs and sat down at the computer and presto….it is raining! Open the windows – the very same windows which I would pull shut in fear of numerous mosquitoes invading my space and sucking my blood – and let the cool wind bath me it all its seductive glory and watch the rain fall on a thankful city.