Today I got stuck while searching for the right word. I was trying to tell Kiran (my friend who is working in the HR dept. at the office) about stand up comedy. And while describing some of the jokes, I was telling her that the ones that draw the most laugh are the jokes that the comic makes about himself and or at his own expense. I wanted to say jokes that are “self-deprecative” but I couldn’t say the word. I was turning things in my head to search for that word but it didn’t come out. Kiran tried helping me – we went through “self-derogatory” which was close enough but just not right. Finally while I was in the bus, she sent me an sms with the appropriate word.

Self-Depraction is a form of humor in which people or comedians make jokes about themselves, their shortcomings, or their culture, usually without being guided by any underlying self-esteem issues.

Notes For 13th March

  • I seem to be packing a lot more work into 8 hours the last few days. I take an hour’s break (15 minutes morning coffee, 30 mins lunch & 15 minutes evening coffee). Its a good feeling.
  • Assholes at work still manage to sour the whole thing for you, but I’m learning to look past it.
  • Afternoon lunch with the entire team has become a norm these days….and I enjoy it a lot!
  • So much that I decided to treat my fellow team members to a nice lunch. We’re going out tomorrow.
  • Its raining again – two nights in a row and it’s only mid-March! No complaints here, I like the rain.
  • The heat & humidity hasn’t let up though.

O’ Canada

One of my favourite guitarists / artists Gordie Johnson, currently fronting Grady and formerly of the under-rated Big Sugar, recently made an appearance in Toronto, Canada to sing / play the national anthems of the US & Canada. The game was between the home team, the Toronto Maple Leafs vs the New Jersey Devils. After singing the US national anthem, Gordie belts out on his double neck Gibson guitar, his country’s national anthem. Watch this magic moment. He’s done it before but this one rocks, even if he is unaccompanied.

I’d like to hear him play Jana Gana Mana one of these days!