Apartment Dog

Most of you who have read through this blog will know that I love dogs. I like most breeds of dogs, especially Labs, Retreivers, Dalmations, Rottweilers, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Huskies & Malamutes. I have had three dogs live with me, although the first one, Lassie a Pomeranian-Alsatian mix died in just 4 days. My dog, and by all right the only one who can be called my dog for the almost 11 years of loyal companionship, Shawny was a Golden Retriever and Shawny Jr., who is actually my sister’s dog, was a black lab-dalmatian mix, lived with me for a year. Jr. now lives in my sister’s weekend residence in Chalakudy.

I’ve recently been idling thinking about getting a dog and what breed of dog to keep. I live in a small apartment though and over here you are not allowed to keep pets in your apartments, unless its fish or parrots or something like that. Which is a shame. But if I could, I would have to get a small dog and the perfect one is the Welsh Corgi. Pictured here is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, one of the two kinds of Corgis. This breed originates from Pembrokeshire, Wales and is an active, athletic & intelligent dog. Despite its short legs, the dogs were used for herding sheep and cattle (although I don’t keep cows or sheep in my apartment). I think a Corgi would be a great companion and although no dog can ever hope to replace Shawny in my life, I could see myself raising another dog.

Can You Say ‘Opa’!?

If you don’t get hooked on the Greek-Mediterranean charms of this song by Johannes Lindstead, you are either not a music lover or you only listen to extremely boring Malayalam or otherwise Indian classical music or you only listen to extreme metal or you only listen to boybands and or dance crap. This is not for you, so go away.

The others, sit back, enjoy the tune, clap your hands and shout ‘Opa’!

Return Of The Trio

Yesterday was not a good day for me at the office, because I could not do what I had set put to do as other things came up which needed my attention. I was getting pissed off with the little things that some people do that seem so annoying. Are they doing it on purpose? Ofcourse not! This is just their little fucking style.

Anyway the further the day went, the more I got upset until about 5:45 when I was having coffee with Kiran, my cell phone rang and I got even more pissed off because of what the caller had to say. I am not looking forward to it at all. This was the final straw. I was so upset that I was in mood to go for some drinks with my buddies Anil & Madhu. But then, our get-togethers happen just once in a month or so, therefore I just had to go. We had planned for me to treat them to drinks & dinner yesterday and although I was in no mood I just had to go.

The rain had slowed down a bit as I was leaving, so I didn’t bother to take my umbrella but as I walked to the ATM, it started to pick up in intensity and I got thoroughly wet. What a great day! But I got an auto and collected some cash at the nearest ATM and then headed for Park Regency where Anil & Madhu were waiting for me. We got into a corner seat and order – the usual – 8 pm whiskey for Madhu, Bijoys brandy for Anil & Romanov vodka for me. We ordered some chilly pork, chilly fish, some chicken, some beef & some salad to go with it.

Then Madhu hit me with the news that Anil is getting serious about approaching the girl’s (who he liked and who, surprisingly enough, likes him back) parents and that was the only thing standing in the way of him getting married soon. Anil states that if everything goes according to plan and her folks decide to disown their youngest child and give her hand in marriage to a loser like him, he could be getting a wife in 4 to 5 months! Yikes, that will leave me as the lone bachelor among the most sexiest trio in India! Well, I shall be the lone lady-killer in this trio then. But I would be so happy for the asshole that Anil is if he would get hitched.

Just as we had sat down, Vinitha called me from Bangalore and we shared some news from both sides of the company and I was so glad that she had called. She actually put me in a better mood, along with the company or my two amigos ofcourse. Then I went back in and we laughed & joked and ate & dranked unitl the wee hours of the day or 10:45 pm to be exact. Then we had to find a way home!

Well, Madhu bough his bike and he lives just a couple of kilometers away but Anil & I had to  go all the way to the city to get to our respective homes. So we waited for an auto and it took us almost 20 minutes before we could hail one and he took me & Anil to SRM road and to Kacheripady respectively. I made my way to my apartment, washed my self and then crashed on my bed until 9 am this morning. Once again, thanks to Madhu & Anil, I have had a great evening.

Until next time!