16 Years

Today I was preparing for an Induction at the office where 26 new candidates would be joining. So I was entering my data, while waiting for them to come, arranging for the speakers to come and address them (besides the two sessions that I have to take). The 26 new trainees came in – just 4 girls – and I started to get their registration done and then a brief introduction round, getting to know the new joinees.

There she was, sitting in the front row. The face was familiar but ofcourse she had changed. I think she recognized me way before I knew who she was. I had a doubt so I checked her name against the list that I had. Then it was clear as crystal. It was her. It had been 16 year since I had seen her or spoken to her. She was one of my friends & classmates from high school. I had studied with her for 5 years, ages 11-15, yet I hadn’t thought about her in, oh probably 15 years. And there she was waiting to be inducted into the company by me.

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She came to me during the break and asked me “Do you remember me”? And I replied, “Ofcourse I do. I had a doubt when I saw your face and then when I saw your name I immediately knew who you were”. She was married and had two kids now. Its nice to meet your old schoolmates.

The world is indeed a small place. Tiny, insignificant dust particle in the vast cosmos.