The Belgians Are Coming

Today we were getting visitors from Belgium at the office. Yeah, Belgium. The country which has all those different kinds of beer and who invented those delicious looking Belgian waffles. They were part of a college exchange program between India (or should I say Kerala) and Belgium and they were staying quite nearby. When they heard that there was a BPO call center near them, they wanted to see if they could visit the facilities. So it was arranged for them to come visit the office today. I was one of the people asked to meet with them.

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They came to the office at 11:30 am and Kiran & I led them to one of our training rooms and greeted them. They were a mixed crowd, as a few were around middle aged and some were quite young, including two rather pretty girls and two girls who were dressed with much on show. We spoke a little bit about the company and the work that we do and played them a video given to us by the corporate team for situations like this. We fielded questions from the group and then took them on a walking tour of the call center.

We showed them the call center and the various processes that we have and invited questions from the group. We had to split them into two groups, so that they don’t crowd the floor – Aneet and I took one group and Neil & Kiran took the other. Lots of the people at the office were staring at the group and especially the two semi-dressed ladies but that is to be expected. They asked a lot of questions that we were only too happy to answer. One of the pretty young things and a guy kept asking me a lot of questions. Then we took them back down and into the corporate board room to meet the senior management, who probably bored them with facts & figures and fakes smiles & jokes.

And then off they went. Yay, Belgium!

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