Porn For The Blind

Holy fuck, now I have seen everything! And now I have heard everything as well! Porn for the blind! Yes you read that right – Porn for the blind.

There is a website catering to the sexual fantasies of the blind, called which is something I have not even thought about.

Porn for the Blind is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to producing audio descriptions of sample movie clips from adult web sites. This service is provided free of charge.

Yes, it contains links to mp3s of someone describing a clip of sexual activities that are contained in different porn sites across the web. Out of curiosity (yeah, as if you’d believe that) I downloaded one and listened to it. It’s narrated by a dull sounding guy who could have been reciting a dissection of a frog or some other low life animal or reading out tax receipts! And there’s a polite request to help out by recording your voice describing similar video clips of the sexual variety.

Dare I? Nah! Maybe….no, no. I couldn’t!