11 – Bryan Adams

I got into Bryan Adam’s music when I was about 12 or 13 when my cousins played Heaven & Summer Of 69 for me. The music & the vocals connected with us and I have been a fan ever since. Now, say what you want about his music (never changes, bland, not exciting, safe) the fact remains that Bryan can makes a decent album with lots of memorable songs peppered throughout his hugely successful career. And now, he brings us 11, so named because it’s his 11th studio album of original material. The now 48 year old rocker does what he does best – deliver mid-tempo rockers and ballads that can match with the best of them. The word I’m finding to be appropriate is ‘mellow’. But judge for yourselves once you listen to the 11 songs on the cd.

the man who would be king online The album starts with the moody verses of Tonight We Have the Stars and steps up for the chorus, singing about getting together with a lover. The first single of the record,I Thought I’d Seen Everything, starts even more slower but builds up to the chorus. Harmonica riffs give a wistful feeling to the next track, I Ain’t Losin’ the Fight and features lyrics that compare love to boxing. Oxygen is a little more upbeat but the song lacks in punch.

We Found What We Were Looking For, Broken Wings & Something To Believe In, with its call & answer chorus, follow a similar route; mellow songs about love & longing. Mysterious Ways is a moody ballad accented with more of those lush strings and a sombre cello, followed by the poppy She’s Got A Way & the Dylanesque Flower Gone Wild. The album ends with Walk On By a strings laden acoustic guitar ballad with a positive message.
It’s not his best effort but I think its better than any of his recent stuff, since 1991’s Waking Up The Neighbours. Its something that you can play when all alone or while snuggling with your girl or even play in your car stereo on a long evening drive.