Beer & Crab

I can’t put into words how tired I felt yesterday. Just getting to the shower was taxing and my head felt like there was a Slayer concert, that usually happens in an area, played within the confines of my cranium. At their loudest!

I managed to get to work but my brain can’t tackle anything at the moment and I am reminded that I need to take a vacation and recharge my batteries. More on that later.

Anyways, by 6:20 pm I was ready to take my leave from the office after arranging for some stuff to be sent during my absence and said bye to my team members for the next week. I wanted to spend an evening with Anil & Madhu but Madhu was caught up, so it was just Anil & me. We met at Penta Menaka. While I waited for him to reach there, I had a 7 up and bought two rings – nothing fancy, however I like them. We went to the atm and then went to our favourite bar – Malabar House Roof Top Garden.

We started with vodka for me & brandy for him and we had some tiny fish fry and then the waiter told us that the specialty for the day was crab curry. I haven’t had crab in ages and neither had Anil so we order a plate, which was a whole crab surrounded by delicious masala gravy. Oh it was heaven, the crab was tasty and it was enough to shut us up. Cause we were too busy eating. We switched to beer, since I told him that I felt that beer was better with crab. We ordered some french fries and another plate of crab, which was much bigger than the first one. By 10 pm we were ready to head back home, having had some lovely grub and drinks.