Minus 24

After boozing & eating, me & the guys wanted to have something sweet to finish us off for the night. It didn’t take much convincing for anyone, and we decided to head to the new ice cream parlour on Press Club Road called Minus 24. I say new, cause I have never been there before and I don’t know when they actually started business. But when you are drunk, who cares about asking stuff like “when did you guys set up shop?” Ya know! Anyways, we went there and decided to get some of the biggest stuff that they have there. It was the alcohol talking and we were in for a surprise cause little did we know that when you say big, these ice cream guys mean BIG!

That’s not all that is special about these guys – they a Hollywood movie theme for all their ice cream combinations! Yes you read me correctly. All their ice creams are named after movies. Like ‘Strawberry-Man’ – two scoops of strawberry ice cream and one black currant. They even had a poster of what Strawberry-man’s movie would look like. The sack of the spider was a strawberry!

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rise download Then they had ‘Lord of the Creams’, Ocean’s 5, Me Myself & Ice Cream, Eat Me If You Can (which I had) and other stuff. Let me tell you that we were struggling to eat it since there was lots of it on our dishes. And I mean lots. But it was absolutely heaven.

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Sunday Night Out

Something that never happens to me, oh well, something that almost never happens to me. I spent two night out in a row, drinking & having grub with my friends. Well on Saturday it was just Anil but last evening it was the three of us. Madhu & Anil came over to my area and said that we’d go out as Anil could be moving to Delhi soon because of a job. So this could be the last time we hang out if he gets the job. I asked them to wait for 30 minutes since I hadn’t taken a bath and then I quickly changed and went down to meet them. Off we went to Malabar house, just stopping by near Penta Menaka as Anil needed to get something for a shop there.

Well just as we reached, we saw lightning and heard the distant rumbling of thunder but it hadn’t seemed like it was going to rain. We had just sat down and ordered beer & whiskey for the other two, when it started raining. And when I said raining, I mean pouring down like it was when Noah had to build that arc. It was so loud that we couldn’t hear ourselves speak so we just sipped out drinks and ate quietly for 30 minutes until the rain died down a bit. We had crab (again, since it was so tasty), chilly pork, french fries & peanuts. At the end we finished with some lovely sweet corn chicken soup.

then she found me online We had some serious discussion about some stuff, stuff that I think we should not be talking about. Its not like we see each other every day. Its more like once a month or so and I don not want the topics discussed to be only on the serious stuff. I don’t want to be like some buggers who argue and debate when they sit in a bar and make life miserable for others nearby. That’s not what we are about so the next time I’m gonna make sure that the mood is lighter.