My New Fav Drink – Apple Kiz

I’ve been wanting to try out this brand of vodka for a long, long time now. Ever since I first heard about it sometime mid-last year. MGM India, based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, has some knock out vodka according to some who have tried it. And I am always on the look out for different brands of vodka. My usual brands are Smirnoff, Shark Tooth, Romanov & Muscovy out of which I have Muscovy & Romanov a lot, as they are very common and my fav bar stocks them both. Muscovy does not have much going on in the taste department. And I have only seen one brand of Smirnoff. What gives?

Today I was at my regular bar and I asked them what brands of vodka they had – they just happened to be trying out MGM’s Apple Kiz (solo pic not available; it’s the second bottle from the left) so that’s what I ordered. And man, the people who have been raving about this vodka weren’t kidding. Ooh sweet!

The taste of sweet green apples with a little citrus ting to it, this is a sweet drink that leaves you wanting more even as you drink it. And its not even a bit bitter. It went down so smooth, once you get used to the citrus sting, which will be very quickly. Before you drink it, you have to take a whiff of the potion (I mixed it with Sprint) and its smells heavenly. And its lip-smacking delicious. And it’s priced at Rs.290 a bottle, which is quite affordable, so what the hell are you doing on your computer? Go get a bottle now.


I know that I was so upbeat about my vacation / leave that was long overdue. Ever since I started working in Escotel, way back in January 2004, I haven’t been on a vacation. Well, I have had sick leaves and all that but a vacation, nah? The maximum was 4 days – I took 2 complimentary offs (for working on national holidays), combined it with the weekend and went to Calicut to spend it with my friends there. I was back in 3 days and the fourth day, I just collapsed in front of the tv.

So this time, I made it 1 week! A whole week to do whatever I want. Which ended up being nothing infact! I was planning on going somewhere, take a room for 6 days and relax but it fazed out. So I ended up here at home. Saturday & Sunday nights I was with my friends boozing. Monday, I did nothing. Tuesday was a repeat of Monday. Well not nothing – I listened to a ton of music on my computer. I slept a lot and napped a lot. I watched a whole lot of Friends – a heck of a lot! So much that I wanted to hang out in a coffee shop and I did go to one today! That and if I meet a hot girl now, I’d probably ask her “How you doin?”